Kristen Connolly

Quotes from Kristen Connolly movies and TV shows

Dana: Thanks for... Being decent.
Holden: Least I could do, since Curt and Jules have sold you to me for marriage.

Marty: Puppeteers...
Dana: Puppeteers?
Marty: Pop Tarts? Did you say you have Pop Tarts?

Marty: Okay, my turn! Jules!
Jules: Mmm?
Marty: Truth or dare?
Jules: Let's go dare.
Marty: I dare you, to make out with...
Curt: Please say Dana. Please say Dana. Please say Dana.
Marty: That moose, over there.
Dana: Um, Marty? Have you ever seen a moose before?
Marty: Whatever that mysterious beast is?
Curt: It's a wolf.
Holden: That's a wolf.

Dana: Me? The virgin?
The Director: We work with what we have.

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