Stephen Merchant

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Space Monkey - S1-E1

Ricky Gervais: This is what's amazing. Even though he's talking about things like MP3 players, computers, iPods, he sounds like he was in a glacier, thawed out, and sort of taught to speak.
Stephen Merchant: And we're a couple of high-school guys who found him. We're trying to ingratiate him in the gang trying to pass him off as someone from the modern day.

Space Monkey - S1-E1

Stephen Merchant: This is the sort of thing you find when if they find maybe a pamphlet or a booklet written by a psychopath. Just before they went on a rampage and turned the gun on themselves, they go through their possessions and find a book and it's got weird drawings, women with knives in their face and this kind of gobbledygoop.

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