Mark Strong

Quotes from Mark Strong movies and TV shows

Hani: What have you heard about this building?
Roger Ferris: Well to be quite honest, I hear they call it the, uh, fingernail factory.

Hani: Torture, it does not work. Under torture, a man will say almost anything to make the pain stop.

Hani: This is unusual. Your Ed Hoffman would rather have less information than share what he has with me.

Hani: Watch and learn, my dear. Watch and learn.

Hani: You Americans, you are incapable of secrecy because you are a democracy.

Roger Ferris: I thought you didn't believe in torture, Hani Pasha.
Hani: This is punishment, my dear. It's a very different thing.

Hani: And so we throw him back into the sea to swim where he naturally swims, to learn what he naturally learns. We'll see how long he remembers my benevolence.
Roger Ferris: What if he forgets?
Hani: If he forgets, I remind him that I have the power of life and death over him. Because you see, any time I wish, I can let them know he works for me.

Hani: Urgency does not call for changing methods that work for methods that do not work.

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Sinestro: Individually, we are vulnerable. Together, we are unstoppable!

Sinestro: A great light has gone out in the universe.

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Heraclio: Fine! If you won't join my army, you will face it.

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