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It's Cow or Never - S1-E8

Peacemaker: [to Justice League] You're late, you fucking dickheads! [To Aquaman] Go fuck another fish, asshole!
Aquaman: I'm so fucking sick of that rumor.
Flash: It's...not a rumour.
Aquaman: Fuck you, Barry.

It's Cow or Never - S1-E8

Economos: Why are these wet?
Peacemaker: I washed them in the creek.
Economos: Why?
Peacemaker: One of the things us warriors seldom talk about is how often people shit themselves when they die. It's a touch of gray in the white cloud of kicking ass.
Economos: So, now, you want me to risk my life while wearing diarrhea pants?
Peacemaker: Hey, nobody said anything about diarrhea. I said it was shit.
Economos: Was it diarrhea?
Peacemaker: Yes, it was.

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Kate Ellis: Hey. Lollapazuzu, I'm partying now. You ready for me?
Pazuzu: I've been ready. My safe word is "keep going."

Pazuzu: Fuck this shit! I'm not going to work tomorrow. TSA can kiss my ass.

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