Quotes from Billy Ray Cyrus movies and TV shows

Miley Stewart: I can't believe it. I'm going out with a ninth grader! Wooo!
Robby Ray Stewart: Well, don't believe it, because I'm not letting you go. Wooo!

Miley Stewart: Well isn't that interesting. You have your opinions, and he has his. You've gotta love a guy who isn't afraid to say how he feels!
Josh: I'm a little afraid to say anything right now.
Miley Stewart: No, you're not. If everybody says that they like hamburgers, then he's not afraid to say that he likes hot dogs! Riight?
Josh: O-kay. [looks confused.]
Miley Stewart: And some people like skiing and he's not afraid to say that he likes snowboarding! [looks at Josh.]
Josh: Yeah! [picks up magazine with Hannah Montana on the cover.] Some people like Hannah Montana, and I'm not afraid to say she stinks!
Miley Stewart: Abso— What?!
Robby Ray Stewart: Son of a gun! That boy's got three feet!

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Colton James: Now, how the heck are you gonna get in there? Jet pack?
Bob Ho: It's in the shop.

Colton James: Oh, heck, man, don't get married. Just find some woman that you're gonna hate in five years and give her your house.

Colton James: Oh, while I'm thinkin' about it, they suspect there may be a mole at the agency.
Bob Ho: They suspect me?
Colton James: Noooo. You know Glaze thinks you're the sharpest barb on the wire.
Bob Ho: I've no idea what that means.

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