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Donna: Wade... there's something I... I wanna tell you about last night. Well, the old lady... well, Chas, he didn't translate everything that she said.
Wade Parent: What do you mean?
Donna: Well, uh... she said... there was no driver in the car.

Wade Parent: Whatever happened to last Thursday? I had it made last Thursday.

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Ken: So, Buck, are you a duffer?
Buck: Well, if you mean do I like playing with my balls, the answer's yes.

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Sean Boyd: Hey, listen! You've picked the wrong kid.

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Ronald Reagan: If you don't mind, this administration has to pee.

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John Blane: There's no way to get hurt in here, just enjoy yourself.

Miss Carrie: Well, you come to the right place. There's plenty of fun here. That's Cindy and Arlette. Arlette's from Paris. Perhaps you gentlemen are taking a liking to 'em?
John Blane: Perhaps.
Miss Carrie: They're real accommodating.
John Blane: They eh, they look it.
Miss Carrie: Why don't you just go on upstairs and we'll reckon accounts later.
John Blane: Sounds good to me.
Peter Martin: John, are those two girls machines?
John Blane: Now, how can you say a thing like that. Come on.

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