Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Quotes from Jonathan Rhys Meyers movies and TV shows

Louis Connelly: I can't do it. I'm sorry Frank, I can't do it.
Marshall: No, Louis wait.
Louis Connelly: No! Let me go.
Marshall: Louis.
Marshall: Just let me go man! will you just LET ME GO.

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Jess: Why are you doing this to me, Joe? Every time I talk myself out of it, you come around and make it sound so easy.
Joe: I guess I don't want to give up on you.

Joe: You're lucky... to have a family that cares that much about you. I can understand you don't want to mess with it.
Jess: Joe.
Joe: And I don't fancy being busted by your dad again. You better get back.

Joe: Look, I can't let you go without knowing.
Jess: What?
Joe: That even with the distance, and it concerns your family, we might still have something. Don't you think?

Joe: Look, Jess. I saw it. She fouled you. She tugged your shirt. You just overreacted, that's all.
Jess: That's not all. She called me a Paki. But I guess that's something you wouldn't understand.
Joe: Jess, I'm Irish. Of course I understand what that feels like.

Joe: Where do you normally play?
Jess: In the park.
Joe: No... I meant what position?

Joe: Can't keep losing all my best players to the Yanks now can I?

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Paul: I heard a woman scream. I didn't imagined that, right! I allowed you to my home, and I'm a prisoner in my own house.
Jack: Don't make me hurt you.

Paul: I heard a woman scream. You didn't hear it?
Jack: You always tend to imagine the worst.

Jack: You still don't get it, do you, Paul? I'm the one writing the story.
Paul: I have a better ending in mind.

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Henry Cavendish: I stink. I shall bathe in scent for you.
Mary Blackchurch: Don't do it for me. Do it for yourself.

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Nola Rice: You're going to do very well for yourself. Unless you blow it.
Chris Wilton: And how am I going to blow it?
Nola Rice: By making a pass at me.

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King Henry viii: You think you know a story, but you only know how it ends. To get to the heart of the story, you have to go back to the beginning.

King Henry viii: I have no heir. The Tudor Dynasty, all my father's work, finished, and it's MY fault.

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Brian Slade: I should think that if people were to get the wrong impression of me, the one to which you so eloquently referred, it wouldn't be the wrong impression in the slightest.

Brian Slade: There's suffering at the birth of a child as at the birth of a star.

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