Quotes from Peter Cushing movies and TV shows

Dr. Abner Perry: You cannot mesmerise me! I'm British.

Dr. Abner Perry: I have a firm grip upon your trousers, David.

Dr. Abner Perry: Oh, they're so excitable, like all foreigners.

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Air Commodore Colonel William Raymond: You see, Biggles is your Time-Twin.
Jim Ferguson: Time-Twin? Do you have anything stronger than coffee?

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Doctor Hertz: Oh, it's magic.
Baron Frankenstein: Everything we don't understand is magic - until we understand it.
Doctor Hertz: To me, it's magic. All of this.
Baron Frankenstein: Until we understand it and master it.

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Baron Frankenstein: Had man not been given to invention and experiment, then tonight, sir, you would have eaten your dinner in a cave. You would've strewn the bones about the floor then wiped your fingers on a coat of animal skin. In fact, your lapels do look a bit greasy. Good night.

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Dr. Namaroff: We are men of science. I don't believe in ghosts or evil spirits, and I don't think you do, either.
Professor Jules Heitz: That's one of the most unscientific remarks I have ever heard. I believe in the existence of everything which the human brain is unable to disprove.

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Dr. Wells: What are you going to astound the scientific world with this time?
Professor Saxton: You'll read about it in the Society's annual report. A remarkable fossil.
Dr. Wells: Fossil? But you've got something live in there, I heard it.
Professor Saxton: You're mistaken.
Dr. Wells: You won't need to feed it then.
Professor Saxton: The occupant hasn't eaten in two million years.
Dr. Wells: That's one way to economize on food bills.

Inspector Mirov: Is it true you're a doctor?
Dr. Wells: Ask me when I've finished my dinner.

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Doctor Van Helsing: If the investigation that Mr. Harker and I are engaged upon is successful, not only you, but the only whole will benefit. Castle Dracula is somewhere here in Klausenberg. Will you tell me how I get there?
Landlord: You ordered a meal, sir. As an innkeeper, it is my duty to serve you. When you've eaten, I ask you to go and leave us in peace.

Doctor Van Helsing: What are you afraid of?
Landlord: I don't understand you.
Doctor Van Helsing: Why all these garlic flowers? And over the window? And up here? They're not for decoration, are they?

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Doctor Richard Mortimer: But this is remarkable.
Sherlock Holmes: Superficial. There is nothing remarkable about using one's eyes.

Sherlock Holmes: There is more evil around us here than I have ever encountered before.

Sherlock Holmes: You had better be off. You mustn't be late for your peasant friends... I hope you enjoy their rabbit pie.

Sherlock Holmes: Do you imagine that I can influence the powers of darkness?

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