Mira Sorvino

Quotes from Mira Sorvino movies and TV shows

Virgil: Who are we kidding? I'm blind. I can't see see. I don't belong here. I'm not meant to see.
Amy Benic: You're darn right you're blind. I'm standing right here for you and you don't even look.

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Samantha: Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead.

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Delila: There's no place for me with you. You haven't even made room for yourself. You have to separate yourself from that machine.

Delila: Why are you here? You know it doesn't work between us.
Alan Hakman: I can change.
Delila: You can't change. You're a man of marble.
Alan Hakman: I still have some of your things. You want me to drop them off?
Delila: Keep them as souvenirs.
Alan Hakman: You wanna come by and pick them up?

Delila: These moments... they belong to me, Alan. The good and the bad. They're mine and his! Who are you to take them away from me?

Delila: You fell in love with an image of me. Not the real me.
Alan Hakman: At first. Now I want you the way you really are.
Delila: I can't believe you after what you did.

Delila: What is it?
Alan Hakman: Some implants have defect. They can't see the difference between what the eye sees and what the mind sees.
Delila: Everytime I think I've had it with you, you show me something amazing.

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Meg Coburn: So you didn't want to kill a kid. Welcome to the human race.

Meg Coburn: You know, you could've saved yourself a lot of trouble just by doing that third job.
John Lee: It was wrong. Mr. Wei was taking revenge. A man named Zedkov killed his son.
Meg Coburn: Zedkov? Jesus Christ. You're getting yourself killed for a cop?
John Lee: Not a cop. His son.
Meg Coburn: What?
John Lee: A seven-year-old boy.
Meg Coburn: Why?
John Lee: That's how Mr. Wei deals with his enemies. Through their families.

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Vinny: You fuckin' make me sick, you fuckin' slut.
Dionna: I am a slut? You're calling me a slut? You lowlife piece of fuckin' shit - you fucked - my - cousin! You didn't think I knew about that! I smelled her pussy juice all over your fuckin' face! You fuckin' sick bastard! How dare you? And all this time I'm thinking there's something wrong with me! You perverted sick fuck.

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