Nicholas Hoult

Quotes from Nicholas Hoult movies and TV shows

Jack: I like a good adventure.
Isabelle: I'm looking for an adventure of my own.

Jack: What are you running away from?
Princess Isabelle: Who says I'm running away from anything? Maybe I'm running towards something.

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Nux: What a lovely day!

Nux: I live, I die, I live again.

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Pvt. Matt Ocre: A war story can't be true unless it's got some shame attached to it.

Pvt. Matt Ocre: I'd love to say, 'I'm here to fight for freedom.' But honestly, I don't belong here.

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George: The bathroom's just down the hall, if you'd like to take a shower.
Kenny: Aren't you taking a shower too, Sir?
George: Oh, I'm fine, I'm English, we like to be cold and wet.

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Tony Stonem: My last best mate's Maxxie. He's a bit new, he's a bit cool, he's a bit gay.

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R: This girl's dead. That guy's dead. That guy in the corner is definitely dead.

R: They call these guys Bonies. They don't bother us, much, but they'll eat anything with a heartbeat. I mean, I will too, but at least I'm conflicted about it.

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