David Thewlis

Quotes from David Thewlis movies and TV shows

Michael Stone: Sometimes there's no lesson. That's a lesson in itself.

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Father: What are you doing today?
Bruno: The same as yesterday.
Father: And what was that.
Bruno: The same as the day before.

Mother: No Ralph No, not that... That isn't war.
Father: The fatherland we all desire cannot be achieved without work such as this.
Mother: Don't touch me.

Bruno: I want to go home.
Father: You are home, Bruno. Home is where the family is.

Father: I'm a soldier. Soldiers fight a war.
Mother: That's not war.
Father: It's a vital part of it.

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King Einon: I know why you brought me the dragonslayers. You wanted them to kill him because you wanted me dead.
Queen Aislinn: I wanted to correct a mistake made years ago, when I saved a creature not worth saving.
King Einon: How un-motherly of you.

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Nick Davies: The tyrants of the world should beware. Knowing that now, we have the power to demand the information that one day soon will wash them all away.

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Jordan: It's a nice day if you like that sort of thing.

Jordan: I fancy celebrities are rather like the Olympians of old.

Jordan: Please bear with me. I'm making all this up. I'm a model of efficiency.

Jordan: See you're not allowed to do more than one thing which is why a polymath such as myself prefers to do nothing.

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