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Chris: Well, here I am.
Mal Reese: What made you change your mind?
Chris: It's a woman's privilege. All good things come to those who wait.
Mal Reese: Then I win first prize. Scotch?
Chris: Scotch is fine.

Mal Reese: Have you seen Lynne lately?
Chris: You know about her and me.
Mal Reese: You girls ought to kiss and make up.

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Feathers: I thought you were never going to say it.
John T. Chance: Say what?
Feathers: That you love me.
John T. Chance: I said I'd arrest you.
Feathers: It means the same thing, you know that.

Feathers: In case you make up your mind, I left my door open. Get a good night's sleep.
John T. Chance: You're not helping me any.

Feathers: Hey, sheriff, you forgot your pants.

Feathers: This isn't the first time that handbill has come up. I'd like to know what to do about it.
John T. Chance: Well, you could quit playing cards... wearing feathers.
Feathers: No, sheriff. No, I'm not going to do that. You see... that's what I'd do if I were the kind of girl that you think I am.

Feathers: How does a... how does a man get to be a sheriff?
John T. Chance: Gets lazy. Gets tired of selling his gun all over. Decides to sell it in one place.
Feathers: I'd say you made a poor sale.
John T. Chance: A lot of people around here'll agree with you.
Feathers: But... it's still a sale and it's too late to back out.

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