Kate Hudson

Quotes from Kate Hudson movies and TV shows

Penny Lane: Hey, when we go to Morocco... I think we should wear completely different clothes... and be completely different people.
William Miller: What will our names be?

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Emma: Your wedding's gonna be huge, just like your ass at prom.
Liv: Your wedding can suck it.

Liv: If I were your wedding, I'd be sleeping with one eye open.

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Birdie Jay: Like Miles said, I'm a truth teller. Some people can't handle it.
Benoit Blanc: It's a dangerous thing to mistake speaking without thought for speaking the truth. Don't you think?
Birdie Jay: Are you calling me dangerous?
Benoit Blanc: We'll see.

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Andie: You can't lose something you never had.

Andie: Does Krull the Warrior King want to come out and play?
Ben: No.
Andie: Krull.
Ben: You know what, due to intense humiliation, the king has momentarily abdicated his throne, okay?
Andie: Oh. Uh-oh.
Ben: Yeah.
Andie: Well, in that case, I better get going. Take care of our love fern, honey.

Andie: True or False: All's fair in love and war.
Ben: True.
Andie: Great answer.
Ben: Good question.

Michelle Rubin: So, tell me, how long have you guys been seeing each other?
Andie: Seven days.
Michelle Rubin: Seven days. Interesting.
Ben: Is that too soon to be seeing a therapist?
Andie: Well, Ben, seven days isn't like a lifetime, or anything.
Ben: It's like a week.

Andie: I'm taking this love fern with me.

Andie: Our love fern! You let it die.
Ben: No, honey, it's just sleeping.

Glenda: Now Andie, I hope you know that we expect you to come back here because you have held Ben to his lowest bullshit score since his tonsillectomy and we are thrilled.
Jack: Lowest.
Andie: Why, were all his other girlfriends bullshit losers?
Glenda: What other girlfriends? You are the first girl he ever brought home! Don't you break his heart now.

Andie: Benny boo boo... boo boo boo.

Thayer: We, you know, we got a whole bunch of work we have to do, but we're still on for poker at your house this weekend?
Ben: Oh, you count on it.
Andie: Whoo! Boys' night.
Tony: Whoo.

Andie: I want you to respect me.
Ben: I do. And, I want your respect.
Andie: I respect you for respecting me.
Ben: I respect that.

Andie: Hey, listen, Sparky. I have a masters in journalism from Columbia, my boss loves me, and if I do it her way for a while, I can write about whatever I want.
Ben: Like, shoes?

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Julian Goldstein: What are you afraid of?
Marley Corbett: I'm scared this entire night's gonna go by and you'll never wanna kiss me.

Marley Corbett: I had some pretty amazing friends, didn't I? And I include my parents in that group, even though my whole life I blamed them for, well, everything. But the truth is, I was afraid. I was afraid to trust and forgive. I was scared I wasn't enough. But I was.

Marley Corbett: This idea that you have to fall in love in order to live happily ever after... is just not true.

Marley Corbett: Oh my God... wait a minute. Oh my God, I mean... are you God?
God: Not really, this is just the way you wanted to see me.
Marley Corbett: Well, I love, I love Whoopi. So that's, that's probably why.
God: Yeah, me too.

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Tank: I would kick you in the ass, but my foot might get sucked in.
Alexis: Well I would kick you in the dick, but my foot might get Herpes.

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