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Sir Edmund Burton: It has been said throughout the ages, that there can be no victory, without sacrifice.

Sir Edmund Burton: One hundred billion trillion planets in the cosmos. You want to know, don't you, why they keep coming here?

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Sir John Talbot: I don't think they'll kill you, Lawrence. But they will blame you. The beast will have its day. The beast will out.

Sir John Talbot: I realize now that it was a mistake to lock up the beast. Don't you think so, Lawrence? I should have let it run free. Kill or be killed.

[After shooting the head off a statue.]
Sir John Talbot: I'm sorry, Colonel. I meant to shoot you. Sadly, I'm not quite the marksman I used to be... I must be getting old.

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Gas Station Attendant: Regular or Ethol?
Burt Munro: Who's Ethol?

Burt Munro: So what are you doing in Vietnam?
Rusty: Umm, I'm involved in Operation Ranch Hand.
Burt Munro: What's that? Farming or something?
Rusty: Ah no, not exactly. We ah... we just started this program... we are spraying the jungle from the air with herbicides, so the enemy the Vietcong don't have any place to hide. Right... Agent Orange, we call this stuff.

Burt Munro: What's your name, young man?
Mike: McFarlane. Mike. Mike McFarlane.
Burt Munro: I knew a McFarlane. He used to sell milking machines in Timaru. You must be related to him because he was a total prick.

Burt Munro: If the butterflies in my stomach were cows, I'd be able to start a dairy farm.

Wendy: Hey Burt, how'd it go?
Burt Munro: Not good.

Jake: Burt, what do you want to ride that contraption for?
Burt Munro: 'S a good question. Errrr... I guess the reward is in the err doing of it, you know?

Frank: I see your front tires gone a bit flat on ya there Burt.
Burt Munro: Oh yeah well the good news is its only flat on the bottom.

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