Taryn Manning

Quotes from Taryn Manning movies and TV shows

Young Lucy: My mom thinks I'm at your house.
Young Mimi: My dad thinks I'm at yours.

Mimi: Well, Kit and I voted and you lost.

Mimi: They said I lost the baby. Lost it. Like it was my keys or something.

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Nola: Everyone tells me my hair is sexy.
Lexus: And then they nut.

Nola: D, I can tell when you're messing with my head, because I let you, because sometimes my head needs to be messed with. But right now, just don't. Okay?

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Kris Kardashian: Oh, and Bruce sends his love, he couldn't make it. He's hosting a fundraiser in West Hollywood with Heidi Kriger.
Faye Resnick: What a draaag.

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