Owen Wilson

Quotes from Owen Wilson movies and TV shows

Stackhouse: We're not supposed to fly that sector, Chris. The brass will have a shit-fit.
Chris Burnett: Hey, we're on recon so let's recon something.

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Frank Pizzarro: What is this?
Jack Ryan: What's what?
Frank Pizzarro: Dude, this is $200. You said we made six.
Jack Ryan: Right, yeah, but $200 is your cut, cause that's the going rate for hiding in the truck.

Jack Ryan: Have a little faith in people. Not God, cause he's just an imaginary friend for grown ups.
Frank Pizzarro: What the hell's that supposed to mean?
Jack Ryan: I don't know.

Nancy Hayes: I dropped out of high school, took a trip to Hollywood, went broke, came home, and hostessed at a strip club.
Jack Ryan: Everybody hostesses, nobody strips.

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Dignan: Son of a bitch! Anthony! Anthony! Bob's gone. He stole his car! He flew the coop while we were sleepin'.

Bob to Dignan and Anthony: Can I get you guys something to drink?
Dignan: Uh yeah, I'll have a Tom Collins.

Bob: I'm paying attention.
Dignan: Goddamnit! Your not paying attention if you're messin' around with the gun.

Dignan: I learned more in the 2 months I spent with Mr. Henry and this crew than I learned in 15 years of academic study.

Dignan: A bigger bag, you idiot.
Book Store Manager: Don't call me an idiot, you punk.
Dignan: Can... do you have a... do you have bigger bags... for atlases or dictionaries... uhh, Sir?

Dignan: It was... It was - it's landscaping, not just mowing.
Anthony: Hey man, don't listen to that guy.
Dignan: I don't know, sometimes I... I mean I'm not always as confident as I look.
Anthony: Did you see what he had on?
Dignan: Yeah, it was pretty cool.

Dignan: Little kids are really cute. She is a cute little kid.

Dignan: So is Mr. Henry coming to se me or.
Anthony: Well, I don't think so Dignan. He actually robbed Bob's house.
Dignan: You're kidding! Wow. I almost robbed that place myself.

Anthony: Why aren't you over there right now?
Dignan: Because we're fugitives... and he fired me.

Dignan: What do you think I was doing the whole time you were out there man? I told you Dignan got fired, out on his ass. But you didn't think about that, did you. In the end it's easier to think about yourself than it is to think about Dignan.

Dignan: We'll get him. We'll get him. Man, don't worry about that, we'll get him. And when we do, we'll blow up his car, do something. I can guarantee you that. What makes me furious is thinking about the look on Bob's fat face, thinking he pulled one over on us. I tell you another thing. If our paths cross again, you're gonna see a side of Dignan that you havent seen before. A sick, sadistic side, cause I'm furious at Bob.

Anthony: Grace thinks I'm a failure.
Dignan: What? What has she ever accomplished in her life that's so great?

Dignan: How does an asshole like Bob get such a great kitchen?

Dignan: Who'd you get to do that? Did you bribe a janitor?

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