Quotes from Sidney James movies and TV shows

Evelyn Blunt: Not for me thank you.
Vic Flange: Oh. Don't drink?
Evelyn Blunt: No, I tried it once and didn't like it.
Vic Flange: Smoke?
Evelyn Blunt: I tried it once and didn't like it.
Vic Flange: Strange.
Evelyn Blunt: Not at all, my daughter is just the same.
Vic Flange: Your only child, I presume.

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Gladstone Screwer: I'll call you "Sunday."
Matron: Well, I won't be in.

Dr. Jimmy Nookey: Hmm. That's a good skeleton. Did the last doctor leave it here?
Gladstone Screwer: That is the last doctor.

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Charlie Hawkins: When you get to be a cab driver you cut yourself right off from the rest of the human race. Everybody's got it in for you and nobody loves you. In no time at all you find that you're about as popular as a wickerwork seat in a nudist camp, and you know what sort of impression that makes on people.

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Mrs. Fussey: Joan may think you're a gentleman but personally I've got sore misgivings.
Sid Boggle: You ought to put some talcum powder on them.

Babs: How about those two things sticking out in front?
Sid Boggle: Yeah! How about 'em.
Babs: Saucy.

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Julius Caesar: Tony.
Mark Antony: Julie! I caught you with your toga up.
Julius Caesar: Oh yes, I'm sorry I've caught something, one of these local things I can't seem to shake off. It's called "a-stinking-cold".

Mark Antony: All right, look here Marcus.
Spencius: No, no, I'm Spencius. 'S my brother what's Marcus. We're in partnership now, you know. Marcus and Spencius.

Seneca: Ooh, Arab eh? I've heard they're intense lovers.
Mark Antony: Well naturally, they do everything in tents.

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Reverend Flasher: Ah, I see. Well, I'd like to use my organ again.
Capt. Desmond Fancey: I beg your pardon?
Reverend Flasher: The bellows are leaking and they do cost so much to repair them.

Reverend Flasher: William, don't you think it's time you came to church again?
William: What do you mean, Rector? Don't you remember? I was there last Sunday. I took the collection.
Reverend Flasher: I know. Next Sunday I want you to bring it back.

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Lady Binder: But then, you've always had magnificent balls, and I wouldn't miss one of them.
The Black Fingernail: Thank you Lady Binder.

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Sidney Bliss: I don't want much. Just to worship at your feet.
Esme Crowfoot: I've got better bits.

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June: I wondered if it would be safe for me to go for a walk. I mean, would anything happen?
Bill Boosey: Darling, you could walk starkers through a Foreign Legion outpost and nothing would happen.

Leda: Fresh oysters from our lake.
Bill Boosey: Oysters? They're no good.
Leda: They are known to be highly beneficial.
Bill Boosey: Rubbish. I had a dozen last night and only five of them worked.

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Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond: Tell Major Shorthouse to call me an elephant.
Lady Joan Ruff-Diamond: He needn't bother I'll do it. You're an elephant.

The Khasi of Kalabar: May the benevolence of the god Shivoo bring blessings on your house.
Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond: And on yours.
The Khasi of Kalabar: And may his wisdom bring success in all your undertakings.
Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond: And in yours.
The Khasi of Kalabar: And may his radiance light up your life.
Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond: And up yours.

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