Quotes from Ryan Stiles movies and TV shows

French Waiter Robot: Table for one. Smoking or non-smoking?
Burning Robot: Smoking. I'm smoking. I'm definitely smoking.

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Drew Carey: Is that the most terrible sound you've ever heard?
Lewis Kiniski: Have you ever tried to start your car with a cat sleeping on the intake manifold?
Drew Carey: No.
Lewis Kiniski: Then yes, that's the worst sound you ever heard.

Lewis Kiniski: I am a toilet of sadness. Oh well, at least I'm not a dying whore.

Lewis Kiniski: I am sick of hearing about poor Drew. "Oh, my house is too big, I have too many wives! I just clogged up my toilet 'cause I crapped a solid gold brick!"

Drew Carey: How do I look?
Lewis Kiniski: Not just sexy, grandpa sexy.

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