Quotes from Rosie O'Donnell movies and TV shows

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Betty Rubble: Barney, do you have to do everything Fred does?

Wilma: This has gone far enough! After everything that we've done for you! We took you into our home.
Betty Rubble: Oh, yeah, so you could show off every chance you got. You used to be such nice people but now... you're just a couple of rich snobs! Hmph.

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Ole Golly: Good friends are one of life's blessings. Don't give them up without a fight.

Harriet M. Welsch: Are you gonna go be some other kid's nanny now?
Ole Golly: And love them more than you? Never. Remember in my life, in this world, there will always only be one Harriet.

Ole Golly: Just because you're going to be alone now doesn't mean the world stops turning. You'll keep writing in your notebooks and when you're grown up and you publish your first novel, I'll be first in line at that bookstore, getting an autographed copy.

Ole Golly: You remember, a good spy can get in there and fight. Goodbye, Harriet the Spy.

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