River Phoenix

Quotes from River Phoenix movies and TV shows

Rosalie Boca: We didn't do it. I swear to God we didn't. We found him outside, on the lawn.
Devo Nod: ...Right outside.
Rosalie Boca: ...He was lying there, someone had shot him, and thrown him on the lawn.
Nadja: Yeah, it was a mess.
Rosalie Boca: ...It was terrible. So we brought him inside and we... we put him in bed... and... yep... It must have been the Mafia.
Lt. Larry Schooner: Mafia?
Devo Nod: The Mafia.
Nadja: Yeah. Joey was Italian.
Rosalie Boca: He is Italian.
Devo Nod: He is Italian.

Harlan James: This is only two hun'erd. We was promised five.
Devo Nod: For killing him five, for wounding him two.
Harlan James: You wanted me to shoot him so I shot him.
Nadja: You woke him up! What good is that?

Rosalie Boca: They look like drug addicts.
Devo Nod: Well, they are drug addicts.
Rosalie Boca: Oh my God! You hired drug addicts?
Devo Nod: Who'd you expect me to hire? The Red Cross?
Nadja: They seem like very polite boys.
Rosalie Boca: I don't like having drug addicts in my house.
Nadja: Oh no, Rosalie. Don't think of them as drug addicts. Think of them as killers.

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Bob Pigeon: Are you not a coward? Answer that, and that goes double.
Mike Waters: You're calling me a coward? You fat duck.
Bob Pigeon: I'd give a thousand dollars to be able to run as fast as you can.
Mike Waters: It'll never happen Bob.

Daddy Carroll: I am so lucky, I was born on April 4th 1944, that's 4.4 .44, if you add that up it comes to 16: 1-6, one plus six is seven: luckiest number of all.
Mike Waters: You know your Math.
Daddy Carroll: It's more than math Mike, it's... imaculate perfection.

Scott Favor: It's when you start doing things for free, that you start to grow wings. Isn't that right, Mike.
Mike Waters: What?
Scott Favor: Wings, Michael. You grow wings, and become a fairy.

Gary: Hey man, did you get into that Sinead O'Connor concert last night?
Mike Waters: To the Sinead? What?
Gary: You know, the chick with the bald head.
Mike Waters: I've never been to a concert before, dude.

Scott Favor: I only have sex with a guy for money.
Mike Waters: Yeah, I know.
Scott Favor: And two guys can't love each other.
Mike Waters: Yeah.
Mike Waters: Well, I don't know. I mean... I mean, for me, I could love someone even if I, you know, wasn't paid for it... I love you, and... you don't pay me.
Scott Favor: Mike.
Mike Waters: I really wanna kiss you, man... Well goodnight, man... I love you though... You know that... I do love you.

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Carl: Forget it. It's a toy company.
Martin Bishop: Toy company my ass. That's laser fencing. There's high voltage around the perimeter. The whole building says go away.

Carl: So it's a code breaker.
Martin Bishop: No. It's THE code breaker. No more secrets.

Carl: It's fascinating what fifty bucks will get you at the county recorder's office.
Martin Bishop: What have you got?
Carl: Playtronics Corporate Headquarters, the complete blueprints.
Martin Bishop: Not bad. Not bad, Carl.
Carl: Well, thanks.
Martin Bishop: Where'd you get the fifty bucks?
Carl: Took it from Mother's wallet.
Martin Bishop: Good.

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Ace: All right Chambers, you little faggot. This is your last chance. What do ya say, kid?
Chris Chambers: Why don't you go home and fuck your mother some more?

Vern: This isn't funny. What am I supposed to eat?
Teddy: Why don't you cook your dick?
Chris: It'd be a small meal!

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James Wright: This check seems to be made out to "selfish, arrogant dickhead."
Miranda Presley: Yeah, they'll cash it. They know it's you.

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