Quotes from Jesse Plemons movies and TV shows

Gary: You have three bags of Tostitos?
Max: Yes...it was a three for one sale.
Gary: That can't be lucrative for Frito Lay.
Max: Corporations huh... I don't know what they're doing anymore.

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George Burbank: Did you write to the old lady?
Phil Burbank: Yeah, I dropped them both a line.
George Burbank: Did you say something about Rose?
Phil Burbank: Rose. Yeah well, you and I know what the old lady would feel if she thought you were getting mixed up with her. She'd likely have a haemorrhage.
George Burbank: The old lady would feel as one Mrs Burbank would for another Mrs Burbank.
Phil Burbank: Come again?
George Burbank: We were married Sunday. She got rid of her property in Beech.

George Burbank: What you said about her boy tonight, Phil. It made her cry.
Phil Burbank: She had her ear to the door?
George Burbank: She was crying, Phil.
Phil Burbank: Well, hell. The boy had to snap out of it and get human. Just pointed it out, is all. She should damn well know.

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