Quotes from Danai Gurira movies and TV shows

Afeni Shakur: I'm worried about...
Tupac Shakur: Ain't nothing to be worried about.
Afeni Shakur: Like all Black leaders you have a bullseye on your back and today it just got bigger.
Tupac Shakur: But I ain't no Black leader! Not yet!
Afeni Shakur: And how are you not a Black leader! The Vice President was just talking about you on the TV! Baby, you have to understand with The Panthers it wasn't that we had guns or black leather, it was because of our message. We were transforming minds. They are going to come after you with everything you love. They're going to give you the tools that you need to destroy yourself.

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Okoye: Wakanda forever.

Okoye: Just don't freeze!
T'Challa: I never freeze.

Okoye: Guns... so primitive.

Shuri: Did he freeze?
Okoye: Like an antelope in headlights.

Everett K. Ross: Does she speak English?
Okoye: When she wants to.

W'Kabi: You would kill me, my love?
Okoye: For Wakanda? Without question.

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