Gaby Hoffmann

Quotes from Gaby Hoffmann movies and TV shows

Odette: Up your ziggy with a wa-wa brush.

Tinka Parker: It's what we've always wanted, boys at Ms. Goddards.
Verena Von Stefan: Oh yeah you'd just go out and greet them with open legs.
Odette: Hey now they're going to have to call it Ms. Go-nads.

Tinka Parker: Are you carrying Dennis' child?
Verena Von Stefan: You can tell Tinka, she's had four pregnancy scares.
Tinka Parker: Four.
Tweety: Was it beautiful, when he spent himself inside you?
Odette: Do you actually expect me to answer these questions?
Momo: But we're curious. We all have our hymens except Tinka.
Verena Von Stefan: That's enough, she doesn't want to describe it. It's like hog wrestling isn't that right Odes?
Tinka Parker: I don't even think she's done with Dennis yet.

Odette: I did not say you could use my record player.
Tinka Parker: Welcome. I'm Tinka Parker, and this is Verena Von Stefan.
Verena Von Stefan: Art thou per chance, Odette?
Odette: Odie.

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Kelly Roark: Please, please. You can't just leave me here.
Roark: Kelly, you can not be here and I have to.
Kelly Roark: Why?
Roark: Because it's my responsibility.
Kelly Roark: Well, so am I. Please I promise I won't get in the way.

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