Quotes from Gabriel Damon movies and TV shows

Ducky: The tree is talking.
Littlefoot: No it isn't.
Ducky: You should not eat talking trees. Nope, nope nope.

Cera: Look at what they're doing. They're so greedy. What about me? I'm still hungry.
Petrie: You hungry? I'm empty all the way to the top! Now we're at the Great Valley and still GOT no green foods! We be hungry forever! Oh.
Littlefoot: Aw Petrie, Cera's wrong. This isn't the Great Valley.
Ducky: It is not a Great anything. Nope, nope, nope.

Cera: This is the Great Valley? You're crazy! I'm leaving.
Littlefoot: Cera, we have to keep following the bright circle.
Cera: I'm taking the easy way.
Littlefoot: But it's the wrong WAY.
Cera: Who says?
Littlefoot: My mother.
Cera: Then SHE was a stupid long neck too.
Littlefoot: Take that back.
Cera: Never.
Littlefoot: Take IT back.
Cera: No.

Littlefoot: You want to go with me?
Ducky: Yeah! Oh... Oh, yes, yes, yes! I do! I do.
Littlefoot: Alright, come on. But you'll have to keep up.
Ducky: I will keep up. I will.

Littlefoot: Cera, hello.
Cera: What do you want?
Littlefoot: Nothing. Where are you going?
Cera: I'm going to find my own kind. They're on the other side.
Littlefoot: I've looked all over here. You can't climb up the other side.
Cera: Maybe you can't.

Littlefoot's mother: Dear, sweet, Littlefoot, do you remember the way to the Great Valley?
Littlefoot: I guess so. But why do I have to know if you're going to be with me?
Littlefoot's mother: I'll be with you. Even if you can't see me.
Littlefoot: What do you mean I can't see you? I can always see you.

Ducky: Where are we going?
Littlefoot: To the Great Valley. I'm not gonna stop until I find my grandparents.

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