Quotes from Joe Alaskey movies and TV shows

Hampton Pig: Speak to me, Plucky.
Plucky Duck: Auntie Em, is that you?

Hampton Pig: Gee, Plucky, I guess you didn't get your wish.
Plucky Duck: Hey, neither did you guys.
Hampton Pig: Sure we did. We got the same wish we always do: to be a happy and loving family forever and ever.
Plucky Duck: Oh joy, oh rapture, oh for the love of Norman Rockwell and the Lettermen.

Plucky Duck: Tongue joke #10: So long, sayonara, and good riddance, I hope I don't have to go through that again.

Hampton Pig: Plucky? Wake up. We're almost there.
Plucky Duck: Heaven?
Hampton Pig: Not quite, but it's the next best thing: Happy World Land.

Plucky Duck: Now what do we do first? The beach? Camping? Or shall we slip the whole 12 weeks away in front of the boob tube?

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