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Trivia: Director M. Night Shyamalan has a cameo in the movie, on the television show in the cabin praising an air fryer oven that makes amazing fried chicken.

Tricia Webster

Trivia: SPOILER! Do not leave after credits! There is an extra scene with Caine walking toward his daughter. Akira approaches him with a knife for vengeance. Fade to black.

Tricia Webster

Trivia: When Marlon Wayans is attacking the killer clown dragging the axe in the school, he says "homie don't play that." That is his brother Damon Wayan's famous tag line where he dressed as a clown in the series In Living Color. (00:39:27)

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Suggested correction: Marlon Wayans didn't portray Homey The Clown in Living Color. Homey The Clown was played by his brother Damon Wayans.

5th Oct 2022

The Woman King (2022)

Trivia: Spoiler! There is an extra scene at the end after the credits roll with Amenza paying tribute saying the names of the fallen Dahomey warriors one by one.

Tricia Webster

11th Aug 2022

Bullet Train (2022)

Trivia: Shortly after the credits start, there is an extra scene revealing that Lemon survived plunging off the train and was driving the truck that killed The Prince, thus avenging his brother's death.

Tricia Webster

9th Aug 2022

The Flash (2014)

Trivia: Spoiler! There are two credits scenes. The first is an extra scene midway through the credits where Lex Luthor's assistant helps Lulu escape the hot-dog stand. The second is a post-credits scene where Black Adam and his dog Anubis arrive on Earth. Anubis gets into a humorous argument with Krypto about the difference between anti-heroes and villains.

Tricia Webster

Trivia: SPOILERS! There are two credits scenes. In the mid-credits scene, it is revealed that Zeus is still alive (albeit with a nice, big hole through his chest), and he sends his son Hercules to go after Thor. In the post-credits scene, Jane's spirit arrives in Valhalla and is greeted by Heimdall.

Tricia Webster

24th Jun 2022

The Rookie (2018)

21st Jun 2022

Lightyear (2022)

Trivia: Spoiler! There is a mid-credits scene with Commander Burnside. He is complimenting his space shield that also zaps giant bugs.

Tricia Webster

13th May 2022

Morbius (2022)

Trivia: SPOILERS: There is a second post-credits scene. In it, Bruce Campbell (the pizza-ball vendor) is still punching himself in the face. Suddenly, he regains control of his hand, begins maniacally laughing, then turns to the camera and breaks the fourth wall by screaming "It's over!" (In reference to both his hand and the movie).

Tricia Webster

Trivia: There is an extra scene during the credits that introduces the character Shadow the Hedgehog, a popular character from the games.

Tricia Webster

29th Mar 2022

The Lost City (2022)

7th Mar 2022

The Batman (2022)

Trivia: There is an extra scene after the credits roll. A computer screen pops up with a question mark and the word goodbye?

Tricia Webster

1st Mar 2022

Uncharted (2022)

9th Feb 2022

Q (1982)

3rd Jan 2022

The King's Man (2021)

Trivia: There is an extra scene with Adolf Hitler, Lenin, and the Shepherd's assistant that comes on after the credits roll.

Tricia Webster

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