Audio problem: When Caesar and his companions come over to the lone soldier by the huts, carrying firewood, he puts the wood down and grabs for his gun. The sound of automatic fire is heard as he is shot, but when Caesar (the shooter) comes into view, he is carrying a pump-action shotgun.


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Suggested correction: Caesar shoots him just once, other shots were made by the man himself from his firearm.

The sound of a shotgun is very different from a rifle. It is quite obvious Caesar shot him, but the sound is still wrong.


Corrected entry: After they escape from the Ministry, Ron is freaking out over the others using Voldemort's name. The same way he has been freaking out the entire series. However at the beginning of this book, Ron said Voldemort's name with no problem.


Correction: He is starting to change his usual habit, but in a time of stress he reverts back to what he has been doing his whole life. That's quite natural, and not a mistake.


Corrected entry: When the bride picks the Hatori Hanzo sword from the rack she begins to remove it from the scabbard. Her left hand is at the opening of the scabbard as she starts to pull out the sword. The shot from further away when she totally removes the sword her left hand has moved further down the scabbard, away from the opening. (00:52:40)


Correction: Her hand stays in the same location, but as mentioned in a previous entry, the sword has been pulled further out of the scabbard.


10th Mar 2011

Saw II (2005)

Correction: No, Obi removes the first syringe, then grabs ahold of the second one. This one, however, is difficult to remove (as it is the trap trigger), so Obi releases it again, twists around to get in a better position, and then grabs the second syringe again, removing it from its holder. Two syringes, but three attempts to grab them.


13th Jul 2007

The Green Mile (1999)

Corrected entry: When Paul is talking to his lady friend about he and Mr Jingles being lonely and watching his friends die he forgets to mention, and she doesn't pick up on the fact, that there must be one more friend still alive: Hal's wife Melinda.

Correction: If you listen to what Paul says when he mentions the friends he's watched pass over the years, he mentions Melinda just after Hal - which would indicate that she died some time after. I believe in the book Melinda outlived Hal by a few years.

Correction: Melinda would probably not be alive, as she only received "regular" healing from John. This in itself would not prolong the life of those who received it, it would just take away the sickness/injuries they had. Paul explains somewhat in the movie that since he and Mr Jingles both were exposed to John's powers without the need for healing (Jingles when John held him during Del's execution, and Paul when John needed to show him what Wild Bill had done), they had received an unnaturally long life.


Corrected entry: During the car chase scene, they drive past several cliffs, and one car goes flying off the cliff. One problem with this, there are no big cliffs that close to Cairo. (01:25:30)

Correction: They are not close to Cairo - in the camp (the starting point of the car chase), Belloq says that "on foot, the desert is three weeks in any direction", implying that they are quite a long distance from Cairo.


11th Jun 2010

Robin Hood (2010)

Corrected entry: For the final battle, the French troops arrive on the South Coast of England - Robin Hood and company ride quickly to intercept them and despite being the other side of England appear to be the first troops to arrive?

Correction: They are shown meeting up with other Barons as well as King John along the way (Director's cut). It's not a matter of being the first to arrive, as being part of a unified army, all arriving at the same time.


20th Jun 2009

Gran Torino (2008)

Corrected entry: Walt says he worked at the factory where his Gran Torino was built, and in fact installed the steering column on it. The Gran Torino in 1972 was built only at the Ford plant in Lorain, Ohio, at least two hours from Detroit, and Walt had been a long time resident of the Detroit neighborhood he lives in, as he stated he had seen its demise and an influx of immigrants. With other Ford factories being much closer, it's not likely he would commute that far. His pickup truck, in fact, was built in the Detroit area, and he much more likely would worked on it, instead of the Torino.


Correction: This has been corrected and debated numerous times already. According to some correctors, parts of the Gran Torino WAS assembled in Detroit. According to others, Walt could have lived in Ohio in the 70s, while the Torino was produced there, and moved to Detroit in 1973 og -74, which would still make him a 30-year resident of his neighbourhood (More than enough to be considered a long-time resident and watch it change). Either way, there is no mistake here.


Corrected entry: When Victor is being chased by the creature in the arctic, Victor is pushed/slides down a hole, and conveniently lands on ice. When he gets up, the monster is already there - almost like he teleported. It is a physical impossibility for the monster to get down the hole so fast.

Correction: Victor is seen to be knocked out by his fall - there is even a short shot of the Creature picking him up and carrying him to the spot where he later wakes up.


15th Feb 2013

Django Unchained (2012)

Corrected entry: When Schultz is speaking German to Brunhilda in the bedroom the bed is unmade then suddenly made.

Correction: Dr. Schultz is shown tidying the bed just after Brunhilda arrives.


22nd Oct 2012

Looper (2012)

Corrected entry: The first young man, who fails to kill his older self, is later systematically dismembered in order to get the older version of him move to a certain address. Once he arrives at there, the man from the future is simply shot. If the goal was to kill the man from the future, why not simply kill the young man instead of going through the process of surgically removing his body parts?

Correction: It would possibly create a time paradox - to kill his present self would mean that his future self could not exist to be sent back. More importantly, any OTHER acts Seth might make in the future would also be cancelled, and the present-time gangsters don't know how that would affect their own future selves, or the timeline. It's simply too great a risk for them to take. So they torture the young man but leave him alive for him to live out his natural life until he's killed in the future, closing the loop as we see it.


11th Jan 2012

I Am Legend (2007)

Corrected entry: Will Smiths Character is immune to the virus. As are those who have been refugee in the camp at the end of the movie. Will Smiths character has used approx. three years trying to find a cure/vaccine. But all that the woman is taking from N.Y to the refugee camp is the vial of blood, which contains the same immune blood that everyone else who survived has. Since the grenade exploded in the basement, she couldn't collect any usable data to provide the refugees with. Now, we can only assume that the refugees also have done some research with their own blood, and that the provided blood from Will Smiths Character wouldn't contribute in any way to their research. (00:10:30 - 01:10:30)

Correction: First of all, he is not giving them a vial of his own blood. He is giving them a vial of blood from the infected woman - who had been injected with a (seemingly) successful cure. The vial therefore does contain antibodies, that can be extracted. Secondly, to say that they camp refugees would have done some research on their own is an assumption. There is no guarantee any of them is even a scientist, and if they were, there's no guarantee they were on Neville's level. He WAS one of the leading authorities on the virus, after all.


10th Dec 2011

The Tourist (2010)

Corrected entry: Early in the film, where the two main characters are on the train from Paris to Venice, overhead exterior shots show the train on the LEFT hand track, whereas in continental Europe it would be on the RIGHT (like driving on roads) so the train is probably British stock footage.

Correction: Trains occasionally run on the left-hand track - if the other track is undergoing repairs, for instance.


Correction: In France, trains drive on the left:

Corrected entry: Andy gets a poster of Rita Hayworth when he comes into his cell after his stay in the hospital, and when Red is explaining how Andy broke out, it shows him digging behind her. However, when it is found that Andy escaped, the warden throws a rock through a picture of a cavewoman (Raquel Welch) and it goes into the hole Andy dug. This poster is not the same as the Rita Hayworth one, and it appears to be on the opposite side of the cell as before.

Correction: The poster is always on the same cell wall, where Andy dug his hole. And as Red explains in a voice-over, Andy does replace his pin-up posters from time to time, with new women who have piqued his interest.


26th Jul 2003

Entrapment (1999)

Corrected entry: When Gin (Zeta Jones) is stealing the mask, she uses the switch and then sticks a chewed piece of gum on the stand. If she leaves the gum stuck there, security could easily do a DNA test on it. If she replaces it with that monkey mask, where was that the entire time? She couldn't have hidden that in her jacket without it being seen.

Correction: Gin would not be concerned about leaving DNA behind - she knows that the FBI and the insurance agents already know that she is taking part in the crime.


Corrected entry: When David & Elise are walking down the street in the last scene, there is a woman filming them on her cell phone in a passing car. (01:38:50)

Correction: David is in the running to become a US senator. It's very likely he is photographed or filmed almost wherever he goes. And the woman with the camera might even have an ulterior motive since he's not married - tabloids will be willing to pay good money for a scoop on an unknown romance (or potential scandal).


26th Aug 2003

The Mummy Returns (2001)

Corrected entry: In the scene where Alex is escaping the train, he has to pull the emergency stop cord to make the train stop and even Imhotep is surprised that the train is stopping. However, their destination was Karnak so that Alex could see the next step of the journey. As Alex enters the ancient city, the bracelet reacts and he sees the next step, thus, they are at Karnak. Shouldn't the train have been stopped or in the process of stopping already without Alex pulling the cable if they had reached their destination? (01:02:00)

Correction: That depends entirely on where Imhotep & co. were planning to stop! The entire Karnak Temple Complex is a VAST area, the size of a small city. It's possible that the train had just reached the outskirts of the complex, but still had a bit to go before reaching the station itself (which would be in the nearby village of El-Karnak, but not necessarily near the ancient complex), or that they were planning to stop somewhere else on their way past the complex. Most likely, they would try to avoid suspicion by going past the complex and to the station, like a normal train would.


Corrected entry: When the school is assembled before Snape, as he announces that Harry Potter has been spotted, he says, "Earlier this evening, Harry Potter was sighted." However, outside the window behind him, it is light, while Harry, Ron and Hermione arrived in Hogsmede when it was dark.

Correction: So Snape is exaggerating, or reporting hearsay. People do this all the time. The important thing is that the students get his point, that Harry was known to be near Hogwarts.


Corrected entry: Hogwarts castle's design changes: Courtyard is now outside the dining hall, whereas in the rest of the movies there was a flight of stairs.

Correction: As explained in an answer to a question on this site, the stairs and the hall inside has been completely destroyed in the battle. That's why it appears as if the Great Hall leads directly into the courtyard.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Brad Pitt meets Kirsten Dunst for the first time and her "mom" is dying from the plague, the plague had ended by then and was pretty much only in Europe. (00:36:30 - 00:38:00)

Correction: "Plague" is, in addition to being the term for a specific disease, also a generic term used to describe any form of epidemic disease. At the time the move depicts, common people did not know very much about medicine, and so any lethal epidemic, like a violent case of the flu, would be described as a "plague".


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