Corrected entry: When Captain America found the shield, he was told it was a one-of-a-kind. However, Tony Stark found it in one of his labs and used it to prop something up in one of the Iron Man movies. How can it be in his lab and also encased in ice?

Correction: The shield was one of a kind back in the Forties; it's entirely possible that Stark found his father's design and copied it.


Corrected entry: Considering the sports almanac contains 50 years of statistics in all major sports, it is very small and thin, about the size of a magazine. This would work if it only contained major sporting event results (super bowl, world series) but obviously it doesn't. It has results from horse races in small towns like Hill Valley listed and regular season college football scores. The font size of the printing in the book would literally have to be microscopic in order to contain all the info it does. Even college football alone, listing just Division 1 teams, would require several hundred pages.


Correction: Based on the information in the film, we actually know very little about the almanac itself. It could just be a local or regional publication, and therefore focus on a limited range of scores/results. Granted, the font would have to be quite small, but not unmanageable (especially if there were no graphics).


Corrected entry: Alice travels to Alaska in search for "Arcadia" and finds a deserted Island and lots of deserted planes. She stumbles upon Claire with a Umbrella device attached to her chest. When she is first found, Claire's face is dirty and her hair are all messed up. But when they leave on the plane together Claire's face is clean again and it looks like she also washed her hair. It looks like she had the time to take a shower before they left. Where did she have the possibility and time to do that on a deserted Island?

Correction: They're surrounded by water. She probably just had a quick dip to clean up before they left.


13th Jun 2010

The Wolfman (2010)

Corrected entry: After Larry's rampage through London he hides in Gwen's shop. Gwen returns and using a wall switch turns on the electric lights! (Year=1891?).


Correction: She was actually turning up the gas for the lamps.


11th May 2010

Avatar (2009)

Corrected entry: Shortly after Jake woke up in the spaceship going to Pandora, he opened a locker with his name on it, yet it was marked "Sully T." instead of "Sully J."

Correction: It's made very clear that he's a last minute replacement for his twin brother, Tommy Sully, so that would be his brother's name on the locker. They either didn't have time to change it, or just didn't care.


20th Aug 2009

Sex and the City (1998)

Correction: Given that 'John Thomas' is a common nickname for male genitals and that Mr. Thomas was also DP for episodes where they didn't use the term, yes, it's probably just a coincidence.


Corrected entry: In the second X-men movie Logan is shot to the head by a police with a normal gun. It penetrate his skull and he falls to the ground. Later the bullet grows out from his head. In Wolverine the only way to penetrate his skull is by an adamantium bullet. Which is a obvious error. How could he be immune against regular bullets in wolverine but not in X-men. It's pretty obvious it makes no sense. They had to do it that way to make the story work so Logan could loose his memory. Thou he should have lost his memory even in X-men 2.


Correction: The bullet in X2 doesn't penetrate his skull, just his skin, which is why it pops out when he heals.


16th Jul 2009

Star Trek (1966)

By Any Other Name - S2-E22

Corrected entry: If you look closely at the bottle of scotch Mr Scott is holding, you can see the word Whisky written on it. As it happens that is the Irish way of spelling the word, the Scottish spell it Whiskey. Since he states it is scotch, i.e. Scottish Whiskey it should be spelt the Scottish way. (00:42:45)


Correction: Actually, it's the other way around: the Scottish and Canadian spelling is 'whisky'; the Irish and American spelling is 'whiskey'.


Corrected entry: In the final scenes, Wolverine takes off the jacket the old couple gave him. He later escapes the island in his undershirt. However, the jacket reappears in X-Men 1.

Correction: We see him get up and start to leave, but we never actually see him get off the island; he likely picked it up before he left.


18th Feb 2009

Cloverfield (2008)

Corrected entry: The spider-crab parasites that come off of the monster are shown to be entirely killable even with a rudimentary club, yet they originate by falling from the monster's body from a height of many stories above the ground. They would splatter and die on impact.

Correction: A cat is also killable with a rudimentary club, but can survive a fall of several stories relatively unharmed. We have no idea of the biology of these parasites, so we can't say for sure what would happen when they fall.


High and Low - S3-E10

Corrected entry: When the detective is talking to Warrick about 'la lluvia de los peces,' he calls him 'Rick' ("Point is, Rick, they gotta come from somewhere").

Correction: He's shortening Warrick's name, like how Grissom goes by Gil instead of Gilbert.


23rd Jan 2008

Cloverfield (2008)

Corrected entry: The opening of the movie states that the video was found on an SD card, but throughout the movie they mention it's a tape in the camera. The over-written "flashbacks" would not be possible on an SD card - only tape, meaning the introduction is inaccurate.

Correction: The movie never says that the video was found on an SD card. It states that we are watching a video on an SD card, and that the footage was found in Central Park. However, the part which mentions the SD card also has government markings all over it, which probably means the government found a tape (which accounts for the 'flashbacks') and transferred it to an SD card for easy storage.


14th Jan 2008

The Young Ones (1982)

Oil - S1-E2

Corrected entry: When Neil throws the golf ball back, you can see no ball is thrown. When Rik catches it and looks at his hands the ball should have dropped to the floor as he holds his hands open directly in front of him. (00:15:55)


Correction: That's because there was never any ball thrown. The ball's still in the toilet - Neil threw back 'something else', which Rik now has all over his hands.


Corrected entry: Towards the end before Alice goes in the Umbrella Corp, and the convoy that is left goes into the helicopter they are going to try and go to Alaska. There is no way the a helicopter that is in Las Vegas could make to Alaska in a helicopter, even with a full tank of fuel they could even come close to making it there. If the convoy couldn't find regular gas where do they think they will find helicopter fuel?


Correction: The convoy couldn't find gas in the small desert towns they tried; the helicopter gives them a wider range and allows them to find previously inaccessible places. As for the type of fuel, even if this helicopter doesn't use regular gas, there are plenty of airfields between Las Vegas and Alaska where they could potentially fuel up.


Corrected entry: The American Umbrella Corporation's main entrance is protected by just a mere wire fence and stands only by a few feet, yet for some unknown reason the numerous zombies are unable to climb over it. However, in the Las Vegas scene they obviously had no trouble climbing the much taller Eiffel tower which is a much more daunting task for something of limited motor capabilities.

Correction: The zombies outside the complex were regular T-virus zombies; the ones in Las Vegas were the new "enhanced" ones, and thus were much smarter, faster and stronger.


25th Nov 2006

The Prestige (2006)

Corrected entry: Robert Angier's real surname is Caldlow, but he's married publicly to his wife Julia under his surname of Angier. Later on in the film after Julia's death, when Angier meets up with Cutter and Cutter explains why he can't get any work, Cutter says that nobody wants to hire the man "who killed Julia MacMillan on stage". Wouldn't she have been Julia Angier at that point?

Correction: Since Cutter and Angier were audience plants during those shows, it's not unlikely that Julia would've went by 'MacMillan' - either her maiden name or a stage name - to dissociate herself from her husband while performing.


Corrected entry: Doc wrote the letter (which was read by himself at the start of the movie) and it mentioned the name Clara. Marty went back to 2nd Sept 1885, and met Clara by the cliffs later on. But that letter was written 1st September 1885, before Marty arrived. How is this possible?

Correction: The letter never mentioned Clara. They didn't find out about her until they saw the gravestone.


Corrected entry: When the passengers are in a blind panic getting away from the snakes, the stairs break so they block the hole using the inflatable boat. Later on when the plane has landed, everyone walks down the same flight of stairs - which are perfectly intact.

Correction: The stairs themselves don't break; the railing does, due to the weight of the people leaning on it.


Corrected entry: When Tom Tucker sits down at his "private booth" (a bathroom stall), the man who enters the stall never lifts up the seat on the toilet before sitting down, hence he sits on Tucker's food.

Correction: That's part of the joke.


Correction: While Charlie and his family are English, it's never stated what country the film's set in - it's deliberately vaguely multicultural.


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