12th Jan 2013

Cat People (1982)

Plot hole: We learn in the film that Cat People must kill a human in order to return to their human form. However, after becoming a cat at the swimming pool and terrorising Alice, Irena becomes human again without making a kill (the only other person at the closed pool is alive and well at the end of the scene - we know Alice has not imagined the presence of the cat because of her shredded clothes). (01:31:00)


Trivia: Some of the members of Captain America's wartime elite squad are taken from Marvel Comics WWII based "Sgt Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos" - such as Dum Dum Duggan and Gabe Jones.


10th Nov 2011

Doctor Who (2005)

Night Terrors - S6-E10

Revealing mistake: When the landlord, Purcell, wakes up on his floor because his pet dog is licking his hand, we see a few pieces of dog food fall from his fingers - should have been a re-shoot, but all credit to the actor, he knows it has happened and is quick to hide them again. (00:38:38)


Trivia: When Raven is making a pass at Erik in his bedroom he brushes her off by saying that she would need to be a little older. She then makes herself look older - this older woman is Rebecca Romijn, who played Mystique in the original 3 X-Men films.


Trivia: This film introduces us to (Dr.) Moira MacTaggert, who was featured in the last scene (after the credits) of the original trilogy. Xavier's voice is heard to call to her after his spirit has entered the "empty body" that she was caring for.


25th May 2011

Logan's Run (1977)

Logan's Run - S1-E1

Revealing mistake: Francis runs into a long corridor that is meant to extend way back into the distance. However his reflection and shadow hitting it prove that it is just a painting of a corridor stuck to the wall. (00:11:00)


Trivia: Keep an eye on the moon in the opening seconds of the film, because a Cheshire Cat cloud passes in front of it. (00:00:05)


6th Sep 2010

Piranha 3D (2010)

Trivia: In the opening scene with Richard Dreyfuss fishing on the lake he is singing to himself "show me the way to go home". This is a nod to the movie Jaws because it is the song that he sang along with the rest of the crew as they waited for the tagged shark to be re-sighted. (00:01:00)


30th Jul 2010

Smallville (2001)

Action - S7-E5

Trivia: The alias that Lois uses when breaking into Lex's office is Sadie Blodgett - this is an alias Lois uses in issue 101 of the silver age comic series "Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane". (00:18:00)


26th May 2010

Lost (2004)

The End (1) - S6-E17

Trivia: the Oceanic employee delivering Jack's father's body has a name visible on his navy blue overall - it is Bocklin - Arnold Bocklin is an artist famous for painting "Isle of the Dead" in 1880. (00:04:00)


17th Nov 2009

V (2009)

Trivia: This is not the first time that Laura Vandervoort, who stars as Lisa, has played the part of a glamorous female alien as she was Kara (aka Supergirl) Superman's cousin in Smallville.


14th Nov 2009

V (2009)

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In season 1 episode 2, the beautiful blonde visitor takes a picture of herself on Tyler's phone. However, we get a perfect view of her as she concentrates to take the snap (looking very serious and studious, barely showing her teeth), but when we see the picture she is wearing a classic toothy smile right across her face. (00:23:00)


27th Oct 2009

FlashForward (2009)

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