31st Mar 2011

WarGames (1983)

Corrected entry: At the end, the suggestion to unplug W.O.P.R. to prevent the missiles from being launched was actually the right suggestion. Given that W.O.P.R. was guessing the launch code by brute force, the actual order to launch the missiles wouldn't be given until the launch code was determined and therefore the silos would not interpret anything until they received not only the order to launch but with the right launch code.


Correction: This was explained in the movie. Unplugging W.O.P.R. would trigger a failsafe that would launch the missiles automatically without needing the launch codes, on the assumption that the disconnection meant NORAD was no longer operational. Given all the ways communications could be interrupted this is a stupid failsafe but, in the context of the movie, this isn't a plot hole.

23rd Jul 2009

The Happening (2008)

Corrected entry: During the scene when less than a half dozen of them are running through the field before they head towards the model home, the one girl (Mara Hobel) who was running in the field with them disappears when the wind harmlessly catches up with them.


Correction: After checking the scene at 48:25 you can see Mara Hobel in blue with a backpack and flailing her arms as she runs. She went with the Asian realtor and two others down the middle.

25th Aug 2009

Evolution (2001)

Corrected entry: It is highly unlikely that government branches of the CDC and Military would be so lax on the security, protocols and enforcement of containment for what is perceived to be an alien life form to allow as many of the mishaps to occur throughout the film.


Correction: This is a comedy film and as such, the government agents and agencies are depicted as being incompetent in several areas for comedic effect. If it's a plot hole here then it's a plot hole in every comedy film that shows a bumbling police officer.


11th Aug 2010

Men in Black II (2002)

Corrected entry: When K and J are in Times Square after being flushed, they are covered with droplets of clear water. However the water on the walls of the cylinders as well as what they were in was blue. (00:35:35)


Correction: There's no mistake, they just appear clear, but it's all the same blue liquid. In fact, in one shot you see Jay spit out the blue liquid and even as the blue liquid is seen, some of the drops on his lips and chin appear clear.


Given the droplets were the same size on the walls of the pod as they were on J and K, they would not appear to be blue on one surface and clear on another. If the drops were larger in the pod vs on them, then I'd agree that the color could possibly be blue vs. Clear - but they weren't so they should be blue regardless of being on a person vs. Pod wall.


Correction: There's a lot more to just droplet size that affects what color you see. But the point being, he is seen spitting out blue liquid and that same liquid appears clear (as opposed to seeing him spit out blue liquid, have shot change, then another shot back to J where the liquid is now clear).


Corrected entry: When Draco is struck by Medusa's arrow, he falls onto the arrow's tip which is sticking out the left side of his back. However, when he breaks off the arrow's tail from the front, it is now going straight into his chest, rather than at the angle for it to have come out his left side that we previously had seen.


Correction: Medusa's arrow went through him, at an angle. It went in the right side of his chest. And out the left side of his back, where he rolled over to break off the tip. Then snapped off the back on the right side.

Corrected entry: At the end while watching the news, we see that the shot from behind the couch Sarah is lying on Ian. From the front shot she is now instantly sleeping sitting up.


Correction: The shot from behind shows them both sat upright, she is slightly of to her left. The shot from the front shows the same position.

13th Oct 2011

Super Troopers (2001)

Corrected entry: When the Captain asks the guys what they learned at the Weigh Station, Mac said that his cruiser weighs 16,000 kilograms. Forgiving the fact that they are complete idiots, that would put the vehicle at somewhere around 35,000lbs or nearly 16 metric tonnes.


Correction: Mac just got the figure wrong, because he's an idiot - the correct weight should be 1600kg which is about 3527lbs which is about the actual weight of a Ford Crown Victoria.

30th Aug 2010

The Box (2009)

Corrected entry: When Arthur returns to the table with the wrapped cardboard box, we never hear the audio of what would be the paper being removed before he opens it. Instead we see and hear a single crinkle of the paper as he removes it from underneath an instantly unwrapped box.


Correction: The sound of the paper unwrapping is heard just as the boy talks to his dad about Santa breaking and entering.


26th Dec 2010

Superman (1978)

Correction: Lex is remote operating the car and probably rigged it with an explosive charge that he set off to make it crash.


Presumptions of what might have been done do not negate a mistake for how a special effect is made, especially since we do not know this is part of the plot to purposefully flip the car.


17th Jan 2011

The Tuxedo (2002)

Corrected entry: When Jimmy is holding the shot glass to Del Blaine's noise with the queen bug in it, his first punch at one of the attacking henchmen causes him to remove the glass several inches from her face which would have let the bug escape.


Correction: How is this continuity? The bug stays there the entire time, regardless of the glass moving.


4th Jan 2011

Dante's Peak (1997)

Corrected entry: When the pickup truck crosses the lava, the engine would have overheated and stranded them on the lava given the amount of heat going directly up into the engine compartment.


Correction: Actually, lava in movies is typically over-rated. Though the tires definitely would have been goo after one spin in that lava, the surface of the lava would be much cooler. You may actually be able to walk barefoot over it, it wouldn't be too much different from hot coals except for the much hotter liquid beneath. They spent 1 minute and 20 seconds on the lava surface, which would not have been enough to overheat the engine.

The tires being on fire would have increased the temperature under the hood even if the lava itself didn't being that the wheel wells would have also been capturing the heat within them.


Correction: Also, since the rear axle broke through the surface crust, the truck would become a rocket, due to the intense heat causing the gas fumes to ignite.

29th Dec 2011

Liar Liar (1997)

Corrected entry: In the state of California, all parties are required for consent to be recorded, much less be used in a court of law as evidence as one's infidelity in the tape recording we hear.


Correction: True, but irrelevant as the gentleman himself confesses to the adultery while on the stand. It's not illegal to present the recording, it just can't be taken into consideration by the court as evidence.

Phixius Premium member

What would be the point to presenting evidence that can't be considered as evidence?


11th Sep 2011

Land of the Lost (2009)

Corrected entry: Given how small the bug start of as that bites Dr. Marshall, when its on his back its the size of a gallon of milk from ingesting so much blood. The human body has 6 pints and that much blood being removed would surely have killed him despite the comedic factor of the gag.


Correction: If visual gags killed people, there wouldn't be a comedy in existence that wasn't a slaughter-fest. Over-the-top visual gags are a staple of comedic film making, just like "sound in space" in the sci-fi genre. Neither is considered a movie mistake.

Phixius Premium member

2nd Sep 2011

Tremors (1990)

Corrected entry: When the station wagon is found buried, not only is the radio on but the headlights are as well. Given the attack occurred at night and it is now mid-morning and the fact that the car can't run underground, even the best car batteries can't last more than an hour.


Correction: The best car batteries will last a lot more than an hour. I've left my lights on accidentally when I parked for work and found them still on 8 hours later. Car started up just fine too.

Phixius Premium member

In modern cars I would agree with you - but this car is almost 20 years old and the battery would not last more than an hour or so with both the radio and the headlights running.


Doesn't mean the battery is 20 years old.

The sound of the radio is not coming from the car. It's a small portable radio the Dr. Has in his car. You see it get turned on by accident when the Dr.'s wife kicks the radio during the attack.


The car radio wasn't on. It was the transistor radio she knocked over in the back of the car when she climbed through.

Correction: It wasn't the car radio, it was a portable radio.

Corrected entry: When John first tries his newly acquired powers out, he is on a cliff and looks down to the rock he's going to back-flip onto. However, in the overhead shot while he is in the air the rock is not visible in the water until he lands on it.


Correction: His body obscures it when he jumps. It's also hard to see it because the water (and the rock) is in the shade BUT it is there.


Corrected entry: There only exists two "Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas" signs in Las Vegas and the one Logan passes in the desert on his bike heading into the city does not exist there.


Correction: This means that the sign was a prop constructed for the movie, which falls under artistic license and is therefore not a mistake.

S. Ha

16th Jan 2011

Signs (2002)

Corrected entry: When the rest of the world finally starts seeing the lights in the sky, there is not any mention for the remainder of the movie of any military presence or actions being taken against the aliens. Given how simple the aliens are to defeat with water and physical violence this doesn't make sense, especially given the technology and weapons we have at our disposal.


Correction: The reason you don't see the military attack the aliens is because they do not yet know that the aliens are hostile. It is only after the aliens land and invade the Hess' home that it is known, by which point the movie is not showing the aliens in any other part of the world.

S. Ha

Corrected entry: When Indy is in the castle and the butler says ". I am Mickey Mouse" - you can see someone walk past the crack on the right hand side of the front door, most likely someone from the crew.


Correction: It could also be a film character who is at the castle - a soldier, an employee, a guest, etc., who just happens to be walking by. Since this person is unseen, they cannot be identified as a crew member.

raywest Premium member

16th Jul 2010

Shutter Island (2010)

Corrected entry: When Leo is talking about the massive killing at the concentration camp of the German soldiers, we see the camera run along as the US soldiers shoot them. At the end of the line, one of the German soldiers can be seen smiling for a brief moment after he falls down.


Corrected entry: The amount of sand seen covering various Las Vegas buildings would have taken hundreds if not thousands of years to accumulate to reach the depths portrayed in the scene - far more time than what the storyline has occurred in.


Correction: Not really. A few good storms, and all the wind they bring with them, would do the job just fine.

Phixius Premium member

No it wouldn't. That amount of sand would take more than a couple of years.

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