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Corrected entry: In the Hall of Prophecy, when Neville spots Harry's glass orb and says, "It has your name on it," he is looking up at the fourth shelf, above his head. In the next shot of Harry he is looking up as well, but in his next close-up, the orb is now on the third shelf, and Harry (who is at least a foot shorter than Neville) is actually face-to-face with it, before he ever touches it. (01:43:15)

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Correction: I believe there's a logical reason why this is not an actual mistake: We see all the shelves are attached to mechanisms (note the closeup of unit 94) which presumably move vertically to lower or raise the shelves, and we also see the openings in the floor under the shelving units. When Harry walks over to the shelving unit with his prophesy orb it could have sensed Harry's presence, and during the shot facing the other members of D.A., while offscreen, that shelving unit has enough time to quite literally, magically, lower itself into the opening in the floor. Then, as the next shot faces Harry he's now face-to-face with the orb, even before touching it. This fits with the knowledge that "Prophecies can only be retrieved by those about whom they are made." Harry's prophesy orb hasn't really changed shelves, it's that the entire unit has lowered itself so the orb is now at eye level with Harry.

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16th Dec 2016

Drowning Mona (2000)

Corrected entry: When Mona crashes through the guardrail and plunges over the cliff into the water, the car changes.

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Correction: Same car, just the bumper fell off.

Corrected entry: When the stormtrooper is killed in the village, the characteristics of the bloody fingerprint smears on Finn's helmet have changed when he's on the First Order's Star Destroyer.

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Correction: The fingerprint smudges stay the same. There are 3 smudges just above the visor, going down, across it. With a few splotches on the side that stay consistent while he's wearing it.


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