Other mistake: When Larry crosses the street, when going to the museum for the first time, the traffic light for pedestrians is red the entire time. Yet he and other pedestrians casually cross the street (he even stops for a bit) while the yellow cabs don't make any attempt at driving off (although their light should be green). Although there's a small gap between one light turning red and the other turning green, it takes close to 10 seconds while nobody appears to be in any rush.


22nd Aug 2009

Weeds (2005)

Van Nuys - S5-E5

Other mistake: When Andy pulls his piece of meat out of the fondue pot it hasn't been cooked at all. The fondue obviously hasn't been turned on (in the next shot he sticks some meat in his mouth, which has been cooked and is smaller).


Other mistake: When Blart and the SWAT guy are pursuing the bad guy, they have a blue police light on top of the car (the magnetic kind). Interior views of the car show blue flashes on their faces, which is impossible with the light being on the roof. The exterior shots confirm that the inside of the car is completely dark. (01:21:30)


23rd Aug 2004

Conspiracy Theory (1997)

Other mistake: When Jerry buys "The Catcher in the Rye," the cover is upside down. When facing the front cover, the spine of the book is on the right side, instead of the left.


17th Oct 2003

Men at Work (1990)

Other mistake: When the bad guy is sliding down the tube and there is a close up of his face, it's constantly lit. There couldn't have been any light in the tube, since it's completely closed.


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