Corrected entry: The eyes of Daisy are described to be blue, which for the first girl (aged approx. 10) in the film they are, however when Benjamin is leaving the elderly home Daisy runs out (aged approx. 15) to say goodbye. Just before she does this her eyes are brown. The next time we see Daisy, when she is dancing, she has blue eyes.

Correction: This is very common in films, since different lighting conditions - such as between those scenes - make the eyes only appear to be different colors.


Corrected entry: Before the wedding, the invisible girl says, "Now all I have to do is concentrate on that area for the next eight hours" because of the spot on her forehead. After that, when she tries to stop the helicopter, that spot doesn't appears, so she's still focusing on that area, to look nice. And when she sits down after this action, we still cannot see the spot, so she still hiding that, but it is useless now.


Correction: Just because she's no longer getting married doesn't mean that she wants her zit to be seen.


24th Apr 2009

Twilight (2008)

Corrected entry: Right on the first scene, you can see that Bella is wearing a blue long sleeved blouse inside her green plaid polo. That plaid polo changes into a jersey shirt with the same blue blouse on her first day at school. Then, at the scene where they had a field trip, she wears the same blue blouse under her polo again. And wears it again on the meadow scene. The next day from this meadow scene, the scene where she realizes that she's in love with Edward, she still wears the same blue blouse, even when they got to school and the scene after that.

Correction: How is this a mistake? She's simply wearing the same clothes more than once. Everyone repeats outfit combinations.


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