8th Sep 2021

Rush Hour (1998)

Visible crew/equipment: After Han's daughter has been kidnapped, and he is back at home speaking to the FBI, immediately after the agent says "I know this is a difficult time for you but we're going to get your daughter back" you can see a boom microphone above their heads. (00:12:39)

Jack Vaughan

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Suggested correction: I've re-watched this part several times on HBO Max. There is nothing visible above their heads at the 12:39 minute mark. There is a shadow on the wall that is boom mic shaped; however, it would be pure speculation to what it is since it is very briefly and no equipment is ever shown.


Originally when I posted this mistake I added that I saw it specifically on the Netflix version. This was not included for some reason when it was uploaded. Watch the Netflix version and it's there.

Jack Vaughan

16th Feb 2004

Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)

Corrected entry: When Riggs and Murtaugh are talking about how much ammo they have, Murtaugh says he has 6. He then shoots 2 and say he has 4 left. Next time Riggs asks Murtaugh says he has 2 left. When Butters is shot, Murtaugh fires 2. So he should have 0 shots left. However he still has one more, because he shoots Wah Sing Ku's brother. So where did the 7th bullet come from?

Correction: Although difficult to see, in some shots Murtaugh is seen using his Smith & Wesson 5906 in addition to his Model 19. In one shot he's seen holding one of the Triad's Makarov PM's which he must've picked up (most notably scene when Butters gets wounded), so that explains why he seems to fire more than six shots.


I'm watching the movie right now. At 01:41:27, you can see he is using his revolver for the "extra" round. IMFDB doesn't even have Murtaugh using the S&W 5906 during the final shootout nor the Makarov, which it looks like he does not pick up until after this scene. The original post is correct.


20th Jun 2009

Up (2009)

Corrected entry: When Charles grabs Russel, he is suddenly tied to a chair in the next shot.

Correction: The original post refers to when Muntz captured Russell as he floated by the airship with the balloons and leafblower. However, the entry is still incorrect. First, Muntz tied Russell to the chair and left him to slowly fall off the ramp. Carl noticed this and used the garden hose, and his walker, to zipline to Russell grabbing the chair just before he fell. Afterwards, Dug winded them back in as the hose became detached. Russell stayed tied to the chair the entire time or he would have fallen.


20th Sep 2019

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Stupidity: When Doss buried the wounded soldier, leaving one eye out made no sense. It did nothing to help him. All it did was make it easier for the Japanese to spot him. It would've made sense to leave his nose and/or mouth out, so he could breathe. He did not need to see.


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Suggested correction: A person who is unable to see is more likely to panic. When Doss buried the wounded Marine, he asked him to take a deep breath and trust him. By leaving one eye open, it allowed him to see the gravity of the situation as IJA soldiers walked by and maintain eye contact with Doss who hid under a dead Marine. After the suspicious IJA soldier bayoneted the body over Doss, he looked directly at where the wounded man was buried and kept walking. It was a crude method, but it likely saved them both.


Corrected entry: It was nice for the predators to give Lex the spear at the end of the movie but maybe they could have given her a ride home or some clothing. She was stranded on Antarctica at night with no jacket and a long distance from where the ship was docked.


Correction: When they are on the hunt, Predators are expected to be entirely autonomous. By showing Lex the respect of offering her a trophy, they recognize her as a warrior and would expect her to be able to take care of herself.


Correction: I just finished watching the movie and had this same thought. However, after the Predator ship leaves, the camera shows the Snowcat, which is the proper name for the snow tractor, with its headlights still on. She could have driven back to where they left the ship in relative comfort.


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