16th Feb 2004

Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)

Corrected entry: When Riggs and Murtaugh are talking about how much ammo they have, Murtaugh says he has 6. He then shoots 2 and say he has 4 left. Next time Riggs asks Murtaugh says he has 2 left. When Butters is shot, Murtaugh fires 2. So he should have 0 shots left. However he still has one more, because he shoots Wah Sing Ku's brother. So where did the 7th bullet come from?

Correction: Although difficult to see, in some shots Murtaugh is seen using his Smith & Wesson 5906 in addition to his Model 19. In one shot he's seen holding one of the Triad's Makarov PM's which he must've picked up (most notably scene when Butters gets wounded), so that explains why he seems to fire more than six shots.


I'm watching the movie right now. At 01:41:27, you can see he is using his revolver for the "extra" round. IMFDB doesn't even have Murtaugh using the S&W 5906 during the final shootout nor the Makarov, which it looks like he does not pick up until after this scene. The original post is correct.


Question: When Bruce escaped the pit, did he throw the rope down so the rest of the prisoners could escape? I know they helped him, but isn't letting them go free a bad thing (they're prisoners for a reason, some of them could've been rapists like the ones that killed that little girl's mother)? And how did Bruce get to Gotham so fast? Do we know what country the pit is in?

Answer: Yes, he threw the rope to let the prisoners out. It may have been a dumb move on his part, although there is the potential that numerous prisoners there were also wrongfully imprisoned by Bane, and Bruce is intimately familiar with the criminal world and mindset - he may have simply judged that the remaining prisoners in the pit were worth freeing. Bruce has connections all over the planet, any company, or one could have dropped off billionaire Bruce Wayne back off at the states. It is never mentioned where the prison is located.


Answer: As far as the country the Pit is in, it's never stated in the film, only that it's in the ancient part of the world. In the comics, Bane was born and lived in the prison Peña Duro, although it doesn't share much with the Pit other than being where Bane was in prison. Peña Duro Is located in the fictional country of Santa Prisca, which is located in the northern part of the Caribbean.


Answer: It should be noted that the Pit was now Bane's. While it's a prison in the sense that the people can't escape, it wasn't specifically filled with criminals convicted of a crime in a legal setting. They were Bane's enemies who had been put there to be tortured. While it's likely some of Bane's enemies were criminals, they were probably free before Bane put them there. Remember, before Bane bought or took over the Pit, Ra's al Ghul had killed the prisoners as revenge for the murder of his wife. Although they also might not have been criminals convicted legally and would have been the Warlord's enemies.


Answer: While the actual pit was a set and Hollywood magic, the exterior of the prison [once Batman escaped] is Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, India. A set of circular stones mark the supposed "entrance" to the pit. However, the interior of the prison, which had all of the wall/stairs, have a real life inspiration. Chand Baori, was built in the ninth century, and has 3,500 steps across 13 stories. Apparently, the priests who lived there also liked to chant as they descended the steps to reach water, which sent vibrations through the stairs. (Per Cracked. Com, "5 Mind-Blowing True Stories Behind Famous Movie Locations).


Although this is interesting, this not an answer to the question. I'd recommend to post this again as trivia.


I originally wrote it to answer the second part of the question, as I also wondered where it was set in, but I went overboard with the details. I submitted it to trivia.


17th Sep 2021

Family Guy (1999)

Answer: Stewie is referencing the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann who was three years old at the time of her disappearance in 2007. She was taken from her bed, in a holiday apartment, at a resort in Portugal. To date, she still remains missing and the case is remains ongoing.


This episode aired Jul 10, 2005, almost 2 years before the McCann kidnapping.


My mistake. I did not look at when the episode aired. I have no idea then. That answer made the most sense considering the premise of the joke.


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