4th Jan 2007

Pleasantville (1998)

Question: At the end, David (as Bud) leaves Pleasantville by using the remote control. Why didn't he do this in the first place when he realised that they were in Pleasantville? And where did the remote control come from?

Answer: Upon first being sucked into Pleasantville, both David and Jennifer were angry this had happened and wanted to leave Pleasantville immediately. The repairman was taken aback by this as he stated he spent years looking for the right super fan and believed David would see it as an honor. As a result of this lack of appreciation, he was hurt and essentially left David and Jennifer in the show believing it would be good for them. In terms of where the remote came from, David always had it after being sucked into the TV. When Betty Parker came into the living room and saw David [as Bud] in front of the TV [trying to get back in touch with the repairman] David stuck the remote behind the leg of the sofa when he realised they were stuck there.


Answer: The repairman is essentially the architect of the whole show. He doesn't allow them to leave at the beginning because he thought Tobi and Reece would be a good fit for those characters, it is never really explained why he wanted to change things because supposedly everything in Pleasantville stays the same, but who knows, little kid with a magnifying glass and a bunch of ants theory, maybe a god complex?

Answer: Because he didn't want to go back to his real life. By the end of the movie he's decided he wants to return.

He did want to leave at first, he even told the repair man to let them leave.

14th Dec 2015

30 Days of Night (2007)

Question: Towards the end of the movie, since everyone knew that it would be sunrise soon and since Stella was comfortable enough under the car, why would Eben inject himself and become one of them? Had he waited until dawn Stella could still be waiting under the car and everyone else could also be fine in the house.

Answer: It's stated in the movie they'll freeze to death under the car before sunrise. Whether that's true or not, Eben believes it, and that's why he acts.

Answer: The previous answer misses one very important aspect that forced Eben's hand. Prior to him injecting himself with the vampire blood, the vampires had broken apart the oil pipeline and set the oil ablaze to cover up their actions. The fire spread quickly and was nearing Stella's hiding place. As a result, Gail and Stella risked either burning to death or leaving their hiding place and being torn apart by the ten or so vampires who were standing nearby. Eben sacrificed himself so she could make a run for it. He understood - as well as stated in the film - they were in no shape to fight them as they were. The vampire blood was the only chance he had at saving her.


23rd Mar 2022

Boy Meets World (1993)

Answer: Per Lily Nicksay told Entertainment Weekly her leaving the show "was a mutual decision between her parents and the producers." At Wizard World Comic Con, Rider Strong provided more insight into the situation by stating Nicksay "was not very happy... At that time, she was a little girl who did not want to be on the show." She was four years old when she filmed the pilot and most likely six years old when they filmed season 2.


5th Apr 2004

Black Hawk Down (2001)

Question: Sgt. Eversman says that none of it would have happened if Blackburn hadn't fallen. I don't understand in what way his fall started things.

Answer: If he hadn't fallen they wouldn't have had to send men down to retrieve him with the stretcher etc., and they would have gotten out of the area immediately.

Nick N.

Answer: To add to the previous answer. Following Blackburn's fall, they brought him to the target building to be brought back to the safe zone, which was done by Struecker and three Humvees. From the way it is portrayed in the film, it looks like Super Six-One was providing roof-top level over watch for the Humvees when it was shot down by an RPG. SSgt. Eversmann was then ordered to secure the crash site. Eversmann believes Blackburn's fall set everything in motion. This is also why Hoot gives him the speech on "it just being war and there was nothing he could have done differently that would have changed anything."


26th Jan 2022

50 First Dates (2004)

Question: When Henry is doing his kidnapping gig to meet Lucy, he sees a car coming and says false alarm and sits up. The car has her dad and brother in it, and they tell him to come by the house when he's finished, and once there he says she only paints on days she meets him. She's there painting and singing. Based on how it unfolded, it seems that he hadn't yet met her that day, so what's that about? He's still wearing the same shirt so it's the same day. (00:44:23 - 00:45:28)

Answer: It was implied she was developing some memory retention, as she changed her daily routine with something new. The father and brother surmised this change was due to her meeting Henry. As a result, they gave him their blessing to continue seeing her as they hoped she would continue to improve.


21st Sep 2020

Collateral (2004)

Question: When Max met Flexi, Flexi tells his guys "if he messes up kill him". Apparently the last target wasn't killed and Flexi's guy recognized Max as Vincent, then why didn't his guys kill him?

Answer: Vincent killed Felix's guys during the club shooting scene. One of them even had his red dot sight on Max before Vincent gunned him down.


6th Jan 2019

Collateral (2004)

Question: What kind of gun does Vincent use on his first two targets? There are no gunshots heard before the guy falls on Max's taxi. Did he use the Ruger MK II used later on in the Jazz Club?

Answer: Per IMFDB, he uses a Heckler and Koch USP in .45 caliber.


25th Oct 2021

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Question: What was the point of court martialling Doss? They said he couldn't go to war if he didn't use a gun, and they gave him the option to quit. So why wouldn't they just kick him out?


Answer: Doss faced a court-martial because he refused the direct order of handling a rifle from camp commander Colonel Sangston. If the Army simply kicked him out, it could inspire other men to follow in his footsteps and refuse to carry a rifle. While Doss could not live with that shame, it can be assumed many others would not have that same problem.


8th Dec 2021

Octopussy (1983)

Question: Why was the Walther P5 used in this film, instead of the PPK? Bond refers to it as the PPK, when he informs Q he 'misplaced it' but, the prop used was the P5.

Answer: From what I could gather online, it was simply done to appease Walther who wanted to promote the new firearm.


Question: Charlie complains that he can't tell anyone his dad is Santa, and he tells Lucy she can't reveal that either. Why though? In the third movie Scott tried to keep Carol's parents from finding out the truth, but he eventually relents as they are his family, and he doesn't want to keep secrets from them. Can't Charlie be allowed to do the same with Danielle if it makes him feel better? Sure she might not believe him at first, but he could show her the snow globe like he did with Carol.

Answer: This falls in with the theme of believing is seeing. Santa's Christmas magic works because children do not need to see him in order to believe there is a Santa. By telling people, it defeats that purpose. If people know something is real, there is no need for belief as it is a fact. The Christmas magic will disappear. By the third movie, Carol is Scott's wife and Mrs. Claus. Her parents share a much greater bond than Danielle has to Charlie. Carol may fight with her parents, but they stay her parents and part of Scott's extended family. Danielle is a just a friend/girlfriend. A fight/break up could have catastrophic consequences. Telling her isn't worth risking the secret of Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas.


True, but then that logic completely falls apart with the third movie as Jack Frost decided to just open the north pole to the public to profit from Christmas and the magic didn't disappear then. And like you said, it does fall in the theme of believing is seeing, but Charlie also tells Lucy that most people stop believing when they get older but people like him, Lucy, and the rest of the family get to believe forever since they know he exists. Not so much fact, but more people can believe.

Question: When Bruce escaped the pit, did he throw the rope down so the rest of the prisoners could escape? I know they helped him, but isn't letting them go free a bad thing (they're prisoners for a reason, some of them could've been rapists like the ones that killed that little girl's mother)? And how did Bruce get to Gotham so fast? Do we know what country the pit is in?

Answer: Yes, he threw the rope to let the prisoners out. It may have been a dumb move on his part, although there is the potential that numerous prisoners there were also wrongfully imprisoned by Bane, and Bruce is intimately familiar with the criminal world and mindset - he may have simply judged that the remaining prisoners in the pit were worth freeing. Bruce has connections all over the planet, any company, or one could have dropped off billionaire Bruce Wayne back off at the states. It is never mentioned where the prison is located.


Answer: As far as the country the Pit is in, it's never stated in the film, only that it's in the ancient part of the world. In the comics, Bane was born and lived in the prison Peña Duro, although it doesn't share much with the Pit other than being where Bane was in prison. Peña Duro Is located in the fictional country of Santa Prisca, which is located in the northern part of the Caribbean.


Answer: It should be noted that the Pit was now Bane's. While it's a prison in the sense that the people can't escape, it wasn't specifically filled with criminals convicted of a crime in a legal setting. They were Bane's enemies who had been put there to be tortured. While it's likely some of Bane's enemies were criminals, they were probably free before Bane put them there. Remember, before Bane bought or took over the Pit, Ra's al Ghul had killed the prisoners as revenge for the murder of his wife. Although they also might not have been criminals convicted legally and would have been the Warlord's enemies.


Answer: While the actual pit was a set and Hollywood magic, the exterior of the prison [once Batman escaped] is Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, India. A set of circular stones mark the supposed "entrance" to the pit. However, the interior of the prison, which had all of the wall/stairs, have a real life inspiration. Chand Baori, was built in the ninth century, and has 3,500 steps across 13 stories. Apparently, the priests who lived there also liked to chant as they descended the steps to reach water, which sent vibrations through the stairs. (Per Cracked. Com, "5 Mind-Blowing True Stories Behind Famous Movie Locations).


Although this is interesting, this not an answer to the question. I'd recommend to post this again as trivia.


I originally wrote it to answer the second part of the question, as I also wondered where it was set in, but I went overboard with the details. I submitted it to trivia.


Question: When Scott and Charlie are at the North Pole the first time, why did the elf with the pole ignore Scott's talking? Is he deaf?


Answer: The elf on top probably ignored him as he was in no position to answer him. The elves seem to have a stratified society [i.e. some make toys, Judy provides food/beverage, some do security etc.] so it was most likely his job just to punch in the code so the sleigh would descend. With Bernard being the head elf, and probably the most knowledgeable on all things Santa related, he would be in the best position to talk to Scott and answer all of his questions.


5th Apr 2004

Windtalkers (2002)

Question: I can understand why they would use code when talking about positions, objectives, etc. but when they call in the air strike from the battleships, what's the point of using code? Also, later in the film, when the same situation arises, they don't use the code. Seemed like it was just a silly way to introduce the whole premise for the movie.

Answer: The point of using the Navajo code to call in air strikes was to encrypt what the Marines were requesting without the Japanese being able to decipher what was said. This is critical because during the Battle of Saipan, the Japanese made extensive use of caves and reinforced earthworks to support their artillery positions and machine gun nests. The delay between requesting artillery support and the act of carrying it out allowed the Japanese to withdraw their infantry to relative safety before the fire mission could commence. By using PVT Yahzee and PVT Whitehouse, they were able to circumvent this and request attacks without the Japanese knowing what was coming. The only time Yahzee does not use the code is when he uses the Japanese radio to call off the artillery strikes that were falling short and hitting Marines. This situation required immediate attention and it would not have been appropriate to use the code.


Answer: They used the code to call in the strike so the Germans couldn't get the U.S. to bomb their own troops. I don't know why it wasn't used in the other situation.

Grumpy Scot

Answer: Per Wikipedia, the series originally aired in the US on Fox for its first six seasons from February 2003 to October 2007. However, the main storyline of the series ended after season five. Following this, the show was retooled with a new art style, comedic tone, as well as a new storyline. The show moved to the CW for its final season and aired from September 2008 to March 2010. However, it would not officially end until the broadcast of the TV movie Turtles Forever, which was produced in celebration of its 25th anniversary, and served as a series finale for the show.


15th Sep 2021

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Question: Wouldn't the mall staff have removed any gas from the car parked inside the mall?

Answer: Not necessarily, there are many instances where cars are parked inside of malls or even stadiums for promotional purposes. It is a lot easier to have gas in the car if it needs to be moved or replaced for any reason.


17th Sep 2021

Family Guy (1999)

Answer: Stewie is referencing the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann who was three years old at the time of her disappearance in 2007. She was taken from her bed, in a holiday apartment, at a resort in Portugal. To date, she still remains missing and the case is remains ongoing.


This episode aired Jul 10, 2005, almost 2 years before the McCann kidnapping.


My mistake. I did not look at when the episode aired. I have no idea then. That answer made the most sense considering the premise of the joke.


Question: Why does Adam need to erase Amy's memories of everything that happened? Shouldn't Scott's parents should have a chance to agree with Amy to keep their identity a secret so Scott can have her cause she likes him?


Answer: I haven't seen this movie in a very long time. However, if I remember correctly, Adam was originally going to erase both Amy and Randy's memory to keep their identity a secret. The risk of them being exposed as superheroes would have been too great. It was only after Randy protested, upon seeing Amy getting her memory erased, where Scott's parents agreed it would be nice for him to have a friend to talk about his secret life with. Scott was more disappointed Amy's mind was erased because they had shared feelings for one another. He was afraid she would not remember her liking him. However, the parents accurately state, "if she liked you before, then she will still like you afterwards." This was evident when they chose one another to be co-captains. If they allowed Amy to keep her memory, it would have also prevented Scott from having any normal type of relationship with her.


Question: Why would Cliff and Ronnie just let themselves die killing zombies when they could've driven off to seek refuge?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: It was in the script that they would die. Ronnie stated he knew it would end badly because the director gave him the full script ahead of time.


25th Jan 2011

Titanic (1997)

Question: Just a quick one: Why the hell didn't Rose just move over on her door to give Jack some room? And why didn't Jack take the piece of wood from the frozen guy with the whistle after he had died?

Answer: In an episode of Myth Busters, they checked to see if Jack could've actually fit on the board and survived. Their first result stated the the movie was correct; there was not enough buoyancy to keep them both afloat. After some thinking they decided to tie Rose's life jacket under the board to increase the amount of buoyancy, and sure enough the board did float, but it's not unreasonable that that wouldn't have occurred to Jack and Rose. When they consulted James Cameron about the results he simply stated, "I think you guys are missing the point here. The script says Jack died. He has to die. So maybe we screwed up and the board should have been a little tiny bit smaller, but the dude's goin' down."

Answer: Insider did an interesting article on this debate. The "door" Rose was floating on was actually a carved piece of wood paneling that hung above the first-class lounge. The evidence for this resides on display at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Nova Scotia where an original panel of the ship served as the inspiration for the design of the wood seen in the movie. This is important because those panels were only made from teak, pine, and oak. Physics Central calculated the possibility of survival for all three based on buoyancy. They estimated teak would have been too heavy and would have sunk under its own weight. Pine may have supported their weight, but was ruled out when the panel flipped when Jack tried to grab it. The oak paneling seen was only strong [and large] enough to contain Rose as the weight of both Rose and Jack would have outweighed its buoyancy.


10th Nov 2021

Thirteen Ghosts (2001)

Question: Cyrus wanted Arthur to take the leap and become the thirteenth ghost. But, wouldn't that short-circuit the system, negating everything the Cyrus was trying to do in the first place? It's like he decided to go through all that trouble just to have his device shut down as soon as it was activated.

Answer: It would not short-circuit the system because Arthur's sacrifice would have completed the ritual, therefore giving Cyrus the power he desired. Unbeknownst to Arthur, Kalina was working with Cyrus when she lied to him about there being a fail-safe that would turn off the machine. She hoped it would convince him to sacrifice himself to prevent hell on Earth from becoming a reality. Cyrus did not believe it was enough and placed Arthur's kids in the center to ensure he would be willing to make the jump. However, Cyrus did not plan on Maggie being there to tinker with the controls of the machine. It was her actions that overloaded the machine, which allowed the ghosts to go free, and cause it to have a catastrophic meltdown as she pushed it beyond its limitations. It can be safe to assume if Maggie was not there, the machine would have never broken down.


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