Trivia: If you look closely where Trusty is standing at all times, in one shot near the beginning, he's standing on a rug that looks like another dog-more specifically, Bolt. This easter egg was added in many of the remastered and re-edited DVDs and versions.


29th Dec 2020

K.C. Undercover (2015)

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Suggested correction: This doesn't happen.

23rd Dec 2020

K.C. Undercover (2015)

Every Witch Way but Loose - S5-E1

Question: Did Salem take Mr. Kraft's life? The last we see of Sabina's vice principal (and royal pain in the butt) is when Salem hits him with Sabrina's car. It's used as a laugh, but you never see Mr. Kraft again. Did Salem really take his life?


Answer: This is a family TV show so it is safe to assume Salem did not murder Mr. Kraft in cold blood.


Show generally

Question: Is Miles even alive? He was cut from the show with no explanation, after he found out Salem wasn't a real cat. Then, in season 7, it was reported that somebody with his surname was shot.


Answer: There was never any explanation given about what happened to Miles or if the reported shooting had anything to do with him. He just suddenly disappeared. There is some indication he was written out due to the show undergoing budget cuts and reducing the number of characters.

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