16th Nov 2021

The Colony (1995)

Question: At the end of the movie, the villain says that a carjacking will take place that night of a young couple who went the wrong way. Is he implying that he in fact had Ritter's carjacking staged so that he would join the Colony?


9th Nov 2021

Problem Child (1990)

Chosen answer: Ben took (stole) his neighbor Roy's station wagon, which was packed for going hunting. Ben apparently improvised by taking the red backpack; the contents of the backpack would be whatever a pre-adolescent boy or girl would put in a backpack to go hunting with his/her father.


14th Oct 2021

Suicide Kings (1997)

Question: When the kidnapper threatens to shoot Brad Garrett if he doesn't change the channel back, he then pulls the trigger but the gun doesn't go off. But when the gun is checked and empties, there are 6 bullets in the gun. Why did it not go off?


Answer: There were 5 live rounds ("bullets") and 1 empty shell. So the cylinder was positioned to shoot the spent round when the trigger was pulled.


11th Oct 2021

Big (1988)

Question: When Josh accuses John Heard of cheating at racquetball, was Heard in fact cheating, or did Josh just not understand the rules of the game?


Answer: Paul (John Heard) tells Josh that the serve has to cross the yellow line. When Josh calls the ball short, Paul is basically trying to cheat and claims he never said the ball has to cross the line. Although I'm trying to figure out what racquet sport their playing. It looks like they're playing on a handball court, but the racquet sports I know, the ball has to cross the short line (the yellow line in "Big") on the serve but you also serve from a service area where you have to stand in front of the short line, which they don't do.


17th Sep 2021

Short Circuit 2 (1988)

Question: When Ben and Fred are trying to call people with the calculator, why does the calculator randomly start playing "Help me Rhonda"?


Answer: They could only communicate via musical tones. They were trying to give Sandy clues as to where they were being held (playing 'Downtown' to let her know they were downtown). 'Help Me Rhonda' was a clue that they were in trouble.

Brian Katcher

Question: Harry Crumb thinks it is the tennis pro that is having sex with Helen Downing in the photos, implying that he never looked at the photos or saw the actual sex taking place. But this is contradicted by the fact that Harry Crumb says the "tennis pro's" male organ was small, proving that he saw the sex taking place. Is the answer that he only saw the man's male organ, but not his face?


Chosen answer: Yes, like Inspector Clouseau, he doesn't see the obvious.

17th Aug 2021

Stone Cold (1991)

Question: Did Chains kill Nancy because he knew that Stone confided in her that he was a cop, and she agreed to testify against the brotherhood? If so, how did he know that? Also, how did he know that Stone's real name was Joe Huff? Did Nancy tell him, or did the "sister" that was working with the police tell him? Also, how did the Bolivian know that Stone had infiltrated a biker gang so that he could rat on him, and how did he know which biker gang he infiltrated?


19th Jul 2021

Traces of Red (1992)

Question: When Tony Goldwyn shoots Belushi at the end, are they using fake bullets, or did he actually mean to shoot Belushi with real ones and Belushi just survived? If they were fake, when did the two of them plan to do this elaborate setup? It is never discussed in the movie.


Question: Mona enters the house of her son in order to leave a welcome note for her son's housesitter, who is supposed to arrive there the next day. She brings with her the keys to the house in order to leave them for the housesitter. To her surprise, she runs into "the housesitter," who is in fact Dana Carvey, but she thinks it is the housesitter. Carvey had broken into the house the day before. Why doesn't Mona ask Carvey how he got into the house, seeing as she is giving him the housekeys now?


20th May 2021

Point Break (1991)

Question: Gary Busey (Angelo) is supposed to be keeping an eye on the bank, the one that he and Johnny Utah expect the Ex-Presidents to rob. Instead, he is reading Calvin and Hobbes comics and not watching the bank at all. As a result, he doesn't see the Ex-Presidents pull up and enter the bank to rob it. Why was he not doing his job? Is he simply an idiot?


Answer: Probably not an idiot, but perhaps a big disappointment to FBI higher-ups. Having Angelo distracted was designed to make the movie more exciting, but there's a good chance this could have happened (and does happen) in real life. Stakeout work is typically long and boring, and may be non-productive because the agents can't know with certainty if/when (or where) the robbers will show up. After years/decades of conducting boring stakeouts where no-one came or robbers arrived after several hours, agents' experiences may lead them to believe nothing is going to happen right away - it will be a long wait. A false sense of security leads to slacking off, and opportunities for robbers to be more successful increase. While it might be required that FBI agents give their undivided attention on the job - no matter how boring - it is unrealistic to expect that all agents stay alert at all times. Reading comics to pass the time isn't impressive, but being able to laugh is a stress reducer.


I gave you an "up" vote because I am an idiot and Angelo is "simply an idiot."


31st Mar 2021

Diggstown (1992)

Question: At the end of the movie, it is not Dana Carvey getting run into by the car, but it is a stunt double, as he has a different style of hair than Carvey. However, even after the take with the car accident, the stunt double is still seen lying on the road in front of the car, even after the take has already finished with the accident. Why does the stunt double need to be there in place of Carvey, being that there is no danger to Carvey in this situation?


Answer: Either consistency with the prior accident shot, or else simply that stunt performers and stand-ins are cheaper than stars, and are often utilised for shots where the main actor doesn't *need* to be physically present - shots from afar, behind, etc. For example the multiple mistakes in the widescreen versions of Friends where it becomes clear the person at the edge of shot who in the original versions was just seen as "the back of Monica's head" for example. Wasn't actually Courteney Cox but a stand-in:

Jon Sandys Premium member

3rd Mar 2021

Clean Slate (1994)

Answer: Regarding the doggie door, all she was doing was moving the frame of the door to the right (the hole was still in the same spot). That way when Baby aimed for the "door", he'd run through the actual opening, since he kept missing everything to the left. And she wasn't really dressed as Bogart, she was just wearing Pogue's jacket and hat that was in his apartment. He was just being silly calling her Bogart when she asked "remember me?" Earlier in the movie, he was watching "The Maltese Falcon", which starred Bogart, so it's just a reference/joke to that.


Answer: "Baby" would always miss the door going by the left barely missing it. She put the fake to the right, which means it would look to the left and see the real door. She dressed up to show that she loves him. Most couples when they are dating sometimes wear a piece of clothing like a hat, shoes or dress style similar to their partners.

Thanks guys for all the answers.


Answer: It was for "Baby" the dog, who kept missing the door. She had depth perception because of only having one good eye. She was dressed like Bogie for Dana Carvey. He was a private eye.

What did she do to the door that would alleviate that problem though? And I know Dana Carvey is a private dick in the movie, but Valeria Golino isn't, so why did she feel the need to dress like one?


You're right. I just watched it a few more times, and she did manipulate the door in such a way that the dog could now get in without running into the door. But my question about her wardrobe still remains unanswered, why is she dressed like Humphrey Bogart?


2nd Mar 2021

Total Recall (1990)

Question: Dr. Lull says that she will do as Mr. Mclane says and "cover up any memory (Quaid) has of us or Rekall." However, when Dr. Edgemar comes in Quaid's hotel room on Mars, Edgemar reminds him that his experiences on Mars have been exactly what Quaid requested in his secret agent fantasy at Rekall, to which Quaid agrees. So obviously his memory of Rekall wasn't "covered up"?


Answer: Dr Lull was told to cover up any memory he has of them or Rekall. She replies "I'll do what I can it's pretty messy in there." She may not have done a good job. Later Cohaagen told Richter that Quaid couldn't remember anything and Richter said "that's now, in an hour he could have total recall."

Answer: He said, "Erase his memory of ever coming to Rekall," not the idea of going there, and the doctor said she'll do what she can to erase his memory, but it's pretty messy in there.

No he doesn't say that. He said "cover up any memory he has of us or Rekall." But they didn't, because he knows what Edgemar is talking about when he tells him the "demure and sleazy" woman is exactly what Quaid requested at Rekall.


Maybe they tried their best, but didn't succeed. Quite possible if his mind was already that messy.


Well at first the movie implies that they did erase his memory of Rekall, because when Harry told him he went to Rekall he had no idea that he had been there. But later in the movie he remembers that he chose "demure and sleazy" when Edgemar is talking to him. So it's an internal contradiction and plot hole.


Them failing to permanently erase the memory but only temporary is not a plot hole. Doesn't even help the plot along. It's not important at all.


It is indeed a plot hole and contradiction in the script.


27th Feb 2021

My Cousin Vinny (1992)

Question: Joe Pesci figures out from the photographs that Marisa Tomei took of the tire tracks that his defendants' car couldn't have made those tracks. But Marisa Tomei didn't realise it before Pesci got her on the stand, even though she saw the pictures before Pesci did as she took them and had them developed and then only showed them to Pesci. Why didn't she realise this, was she just not looking as carefully as Pesci was?


Answer: She didn't notice because she wasn't looking for it. When he asked her if the Skylark could have made the tracks, she realised it was impossible.


23rd Oct 2020

F/X (1986)

Question: Lipton the Justice Department official tells Rollie Tyler, "I really admired your stuff, ever since 'Vermin from Venus.'" Rollie's female assistant responds, "That's the one that got him deported from Australia." My question is how could Rollie have been deported from Australia, when he was born, raised and lived his whole life there? Where would he have been deported to?


Answer: It was most likely a joke, the movie was so horrible it gave Rollie a bad reputation and probably got him blacklisted.

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