A fascinating account of how Mark Zuckerberg started with a drunken idea that turned into a $25 billion giant of social media. Easy to follow timeline, despite the constant use of flashbacks, TSN gives a glimpse of the madness that was the 2000's in the tech world. Eisenberg's performance is stellar as Zuckerberg, and the supporting cast contribute very well. Technically and historically factual, TSN is a must see for any of the 500 million people on Facebook every day. 10/10.


15th Jun 2020

Danger Close (2019)

Although technically correct for most of it's depiction of the Battle of Long Tan, it suffers from poor military research and practices, such as getting simple ranks hopelessly wrong. The acting is very amateurish and certainly does not reflect the standard of soldiering at that time. In short, give this over-hyped lemon a miss. Or should that be "near miss?"


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