Moments in the Woods - S7-E18

Revealing mistake: When Felicia pulls the urn of Beth's ashes out of the bag in the house, Harriet Sansom Harris' left hand is briefly visible, including the fingers that Felicia is supposed to be missing.

Desperate Housewives mistake picture

Now You Know - S4-E1

Continuity mistake: When Bree grabs the old lady's wrist to keep her from touching her belly, her thumb is on the palm side of the lady's wrist. Then when the shot changes, Bree's thumb is now on the back side of the lady's wrist.


7th May 2020

The Simpsons (1989)

Show generally

Question: I remember a scene in one episode when Maggie is outside the house at night looking for Marge. She thinks she sees Marge's hair sticking up from behind a fence, but when she looks behind the fence, it turns out it's just a tree. Which episode was that?


Answer: "Homer Alone" from season three.

Phaneron Premium member
One Night at McCool's mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Matt Dillon asks Liv Tyler what her favorite thing is, he starts to raise his mug to his mouth with his right hand. Then the shot changes, and suddenly the mug is in his left hand.


26th Apr 2020

Three's Company (1977)

Up in the Air - S6-E25

Revealing mistake: During Jack's dance scene, the old lady that he dances with spins away from him and knocks off a man's toupee. The actress was supposed to knock it off as she went by, but it's obvious that she misses and instead quickly reaches over to snatch it off his head instead.


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