20th Nov 2020

Idiocracy (2006)

Question: How did they stay frozen the whole time if they demolished the building? Wouldn't something that can keep a person frozen, require a lot of power? Did they just decide to demolish the building without checking that the power was out? Didn't they put a fudruckers on top of it? How did they remain frozen so long?


Answer: The science in this movie is far-fetched at best. Assumedly the pods had some sort of battery backup for emergencies. If the battery lasted 500 years, we can just assume it was secret government technology.

Brian Katcher

26th Oct 2020

Soul Plane (2004)


Continuity mistake: In the beginning the pilots accidently open up the hatch, the dog gets killed, and the guys in the bathroom. The dog falls out of the hatch which is at the back end of the plane behind the wings, and then in the next clip we see the dog coming from the front of the plane directly into the front of the engine.


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