Question: When they walk down to Hagrid's why does Hermione have her mouth open then have her arms folded and glare at the executioner right after that?


Answer: All of her actions and expressions are a result of her being angry, disgusted, and defiant that Buckbeak is to be unfairly executed. She is specifically directing her anger at the executioner as he gleefully sharpens his huge ax.

raywest Premium member

Question: When Harry says "That's the man who betrayed my parents!" why does Hermione roll her eyes? That's completely disrespectful.


Answer: Eye rolling is a rude act in general. People do that because they think the other person is being what they believe to be "stupid" and are visually making it known by eye rolling. Hermione believes Harry is being "stupid" because risking being seen could cause the others in the hut, including himself, to think dark magic is going on and they may attack the Harry traveling back in time. She's rolling her eyes to let it he visually known that she believes he's being "stupid" by putting himself in harm's way out of anger.

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