Question: How come the little girl didn't give Howard back his ball when he tried to retrieve it around the mall?


Answer: Most likely, she decided to keep it and not want to give it to Howard which is why she put it in her mouth.

Question: What happens to Annie and Trixie or even Lawanda? How come they didn't appear in this film?


Answer: It's never explained what happened to them or why they never appeared in this film.

Answer: Yes, he didn't want to be a hero. He liked being the Phantom going anywhere and doing what he pleases with people thinking there was a ghost.

Question: At the Christmas parade, What is Mickey Mouse doing with Dorothy when all the Wizard of Oz Characters shoo him away?


Answer: He appears to be trying to either tickle her or "feel her up." Either way, it's unwanted and the other performers shoo him away.

Answer: It's unclear exactly what he was doing but it appears Mickey may have been a little too "up close and personal" with Dorothy, and the others are shooing him away.

raywest Premium member

27th Aug 2019

Batman (1989)

Question: Why did Joker poison everyone in the museum? If he wants to talk to Vicki alone, why can't he send her to a secluded area rather than send her to a public place?


Answer: Because he's a homicidal maniac, and he also wants to test his gas.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Caractucus Potts uses the Baroness character in the story he tells his kids to add tension and fright. The Baroness is a spoiled, selfish, narcissist whose only true love in the world is the rich and powerful Baron. She probably did not want children in her life with the Baron to distract her from enjoying and indulging in the power and riches she shares with the Baron, and she projects that onto other people who have children. Children, to her, are a huge distraction from her cushy life. Or, she hates children because she cannot have any of her own due to medical reasons, thus, she figures if she cannot have them, then nobody in the village can have them, so the children that are around are in hiding. The movie makes no mention as to why the Baroness hates children, so leaves that up to speculation by the viewer, unless the original book version has her backstory.


19th Jul 2019

Kenan & Kel (1996)

Answer: Kel.

16th Jul 2019

Monk (2002)

Answer: It was apparently embarrassing and ridiculous, enough that Natalie tried to burn it. It's funnier if you let the viewer image what it looked like.

Brian Katcher

8th Jul 2019

Idle Hands (1999)

Question: How did Anton not remember that he murdered his own parents when he was a killer all along?


Answer: He was either too high, sleepwalking or under the evil hand's control.

6th Jul 2019

Logan (2017)

Question: What happened to the clerk and the others at the convenience store when Pierce and the Reavers showed up? If they are killed then why?


Answer: The clerk was definitely killed, as we see his body on a slab later in the movie. Presumably he was killed for seeing too much.

Phaneron Premium member

Why did he get killed for seeing too much? Does Pierce tries to cover up what's going on?


Yes, the work that Dr. Rice is doing for Alkali Transigen is illegal, so they are eliminating any potential witnesses to their activities.

Phaneron Premium member

The Tale of the Virtual Pets - S6-E4

Question: When Kate first sees her friends Isabel and Tom both trapped in the handhelds, Why did she ignore the other two also trapped in it as well? She never talked to them the whole scene.


Question: As we learned later that Lt Einhorn killed Roger Podactor, how did Einhorn get out of the big apartment after murdering him without being seen? The manager who is at the crime scene doesn't seem to recognize her.


Answer: The old lady said that she heard a scream and called the police. That could easily leave several minutes when she could escape through a back exit or merely hide in the building until after other police get there and said she just arrived. There is no reason to assume that the manager knows everyone who comes into the building, especially if she had only been there a few times.


Whirlpool - S6-E3

Question: Why did the police officers shoot Rolanda after she got out of the elevator when she hollered "No!" at them and wasn't going to do anything?


Answer: The film does not explain, but O-ren's parents must have been involved in some sort of shady business dealings to have incurred the wrath of Matsumoto. When he is killed, O-ren's father is wearing the uniform of a United States Army Sergeant Major (pay grade E-9), which is the top rank of an enlisted man. He must have been working with Matsumoto in some sort of illegal smuggling ring that involved international connections through the U.S. Army that went bad, or maybe O-ren's father wanted more money and he was in the way, etc.


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