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6th Jan 2019

Monk (2002)

Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan - S6-E1

Corrected entry: Monk is confronted with a case where Marci's dog, which died 3 days earlier, is suspected of mauling her neighbor. Marci therefore is suspected of killing her dog after the fact to save herself from prosecution. Any veterinarian could easily determine whether a dog died today or 3 days earlier by its stage of decomposition.

Prince Eitel Joe

Correction: While true, Marci hadn't been arrested or charged at that point. The police were still investigating the case as seen by the Captain with the file at dinner. It was only a theory at that point that she had her dog euthanised after the death.

Lummie Premium member

Of course but my point is that it did not need Monk to prove her innocence as portrayed and it is highly unlikely that Monk would - according to his disliking of Marci and his genius - would not have pointed to that simple solution.

Prince Eitel Joe

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