Mike Lynch

3rd Jan 2022

Star Trek (1966)

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Stupidity: There are multiple episodes in which the Enterprise's mission of seeking out new life encounter civilizations with technology far above the Federation's, but it is never incorporated into their own.

Mike Lynch

22nd Oct 2021

Forbidden Planet (1956)

Stupidity: All of Robbie's circuits have been burned out as a result of Morbius ordering him to kill the Id monster. The crew only has 24 hours to get the ship loaded and a safe distance away from Altair IV before it explodes. But one or more of the crew spends the little time they have fixing Robbie, a very sophisticated piece of technology, who is working the controls at the end of the movie.

Mike Lynch

30th Dec 2019

Logan's Run (1976)

Stupidity: Why is it that runners wait until their 30th birthday to run, when they'll most likely get caught? It would make more sense if runners tried to escape to sanctuary weeks or months before their last day. This way, they could meticulously plan their escape without drawing attention to themselves.

Mike Lynch

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Suggested correction: That wouldn't be particularly advantageous for runners. The computer system monitoring the city knows when someone is running regardless of their age and will dispatch the Sandmen to eliminate them. People who choose to run only do it as a last ditch effort, believing they will die on Carousel anyway so running is a risk some are willing to take. In the meantime it would be preferable to live out their guaranteed lifespan and enjoy the pleasures afforded to them by living within the city.

25th May 2019

Common mistakes

Stupidity: Whenever a gun battle is taking place, and the protagonist is being shot at by a machine gun, multiple shots spit up near his/her feet, which makes no sense. They are aiming their weapons straight at the person, not at the ground.

Mike Lynch

19th Jan 2019

Common mistakes

Stupidity: Police officers or detectives pound on the door of a suspect, asking them to open the door. When they go into the house, they realise the suspect has escaped out the back door or window and have to give chase. Cops aren't this stupid. They surround the house first so the suspect can't get away.

Mike Lynch

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