12th Nov 2013

The Walking Dead (2010)

Trivia: When the aliens are trying to escape from area 51, the general calls for two of his men to stop Gary. Their names are James and Cameron, ie. referencing director James Cameron.


Revealing mistake: In the bathroom scene when Debbie is attacked by the clowns from the medicine cabinet, you can see the holes where the puppets are being controlled from.


23rd Mar 2011

Machete (2010)

Trivia: During the big battle at the end, when one of the vigilantes is crushed under a bouncing low rider, you can hear the Wilham scream.


4th Mar 2011

General questions

I saw this film about twenty years ago and was wondering if anyone else has any idea of information on it. It was black and white about a fort set in old west and it was a comedy. It had a song saying something like "if you could only hear the hoofbeats on the ground" which was accompanied with footage of a horse running. Anything that comes to mind would be greatly appreciated. I saw it one time with my mom and the ten year anniversary of her death is coming up, and I would like to watch it again. Thanks.


Chosen answer: I saw it over fifty years ago on TV. I think the film was called, "The Slaughter Trail". It was an strange western with almost wall-to-wall singing in place of narration or dialogue. The main chorus went something like, "You could only hear the sound of the hoofbeats on the ground as the horses went down the Slaughter Trail". The tune of that line burned itself into my memory, but I remember nothing else about the movie.

Question: Does anyone know why Han's line was changed to, "It's alright. I can see a lot better now." from, "It's alright trust me." In the scene right before he shots the sarlacc to save Lando?


Chosen answer: Probably because the director, George Lucas, liked that line better. It's not unusual for dialog and action to change slightly with multiple takes of a particular scene, seeing what works best.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Harrison Ford improvised some lines so he could have improvised this one.

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