4th Aug 2019

Hannibal (2001)

Other mistake: Clarice handcuffed Hannibal. Apparently Hannibal opted to amputate his own hand, but the next scene shows officers descending on Clarice at the lake shore. Had Hannibal amputated his own hand, she would still have been wearing the other cuff. She wasn't.


31st Jul 2019

Mission to Mars (2000)

Factual error: Ship explodes. Crew evacuated to the REMO, but Tim Robbins slips from the REMO after attaching the lifeline. They tell his wife she has insufficient fuel to reach him. Velocity is determined by fuel, not distance. She could have used 25% of remaining fuel to reach him, 25% to arrest speed then 50% to get them both back to the REMO. It's not like a car - once in motion, you remain in motion.

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Suggested correction: It's not saying that she has insufficient fuel to reach him. It's saying that she has insufficient fuel to reach him, arrest them both, and get back to the REMO before they are caught in the Martian gravity well.


I disagree. Had she not used thrust (wasted fuel) to stop and shoot a line (wasted time) she would have continued her velocity, arrested at rendezvous and could have saved him. They never inferred the decision was based on time, nor would that have been valid.


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