Corrected entry: When Peter Parker returns to school, he is seen reuniting with Ned. If everyone returned 5 years after the snap then Ned would be 5 years older and no longer in high school. If Ned had been dusted he wouldn't have known Peter was also dusted so he wouldn't have been so relieved and happy to see Peter.

Correction: Clearly some time has passed since everyone was snapped back - funeral planning, other logistics. The fact Ned isn't any older shows he was clearly dusted with Peter, they've just not had a chance to meet up since going back to school, so of course they're happy to see each other.

Ned's reaction may have also stemmed from the fact that the last he saw of Peter was on the school bus on the field trip. So for Ned, he didn't know what happened to his friend after he left the bus. Then between that time and the snap, Ned would have learned of the battle in the city, and possibly the battle of Wakanda (if it made the news). Plus, Peter would have never returned home at the end of the day of the field trip. So even if Ned did get dusted, he'd have a memory of Peter having gone missing for a day or more.


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