Cynthia Gurski

6th Jul 2018

2012 (2009)

Other mistake: When they are loading the last of the passengers and workers, the gate from the ship goes down at a very slow pace. However, when Uri and his sons are climbing up the ladder to get to the platform, the gate is going up at a very fast rate. It does not make sense that it would not go back up as slowly as it went down.

Cynthia Gurski Premium member

7th Jun 2018

2012 (2009)

Other mistake: When Tamara Is trapped in the middle section it's flooding. It is impossible for the middle section to flood before the end section.

Cynthia Gurski Premium member

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Suggested correction: It would make sense that the door is designed to close much faster than it opens as it is a sealing door and needs to close quickly to form a water tight seal.

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