Jukka Nurmi

30th Apr 2004

Anaconda (1997)

Corrected entry: When the anaconda eats Jon Voight whole, there is a movement over the other side of the room, and it slides over at incredible speed. Snakes take hours to eat their prey (especially the size of a man) and weeks to digest. During this period, they can barely move at all. Also, after it spits him out (again, not possible), he winks.

Correction: Maybe it goes for regular sized anacondas but not giant huge anacondas that they have to take hours. Also it is possible to spit out their food. On Google theres a REAL video of an anaconda spitting out an entire baby hippo.

Hippos are native to Africa, and anacondas to South America. Also, snakes regurgitate their prey only in an emergency, like being threatened by a predator. Even gigantic anacondas like the ones in the movie would still take several weeks to digest a person, and remain immobile throughout.

Jukka Nurmi

They don't move intentionally, to help digesting their prey. That doesn't mean they can't actually move though, they can if they have to. This big one is faster than any real snake anyway. In the footage of an anaconda regurgitating its prey, the prey is a tapir.


Hippos can be found in the wild in South America. They were the pets of Pablo Escobar. A group of hippos originally imported by Escobar to his private zoo decades ago has multiplied and, according to scientists, is now spreading through one of the country's main waterways - the River Magdalena.

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